65Bits Episode 141: Buy Windows 7, Get Snow Leopard free

Everyone is launching something this week. Barnes & Noble launched the Nook, Apple refreshed their iMac and MacBook and Mac Mini and Microsoft launched their much awaited Windows 7. Yes, Windows 7 is finally here. Goodbye Vista. We won’t miss you.

By the way, we are just kidding about the title.

Daniel, DK, Justin, Nicole

Stories this week

[1:15] Windows 7 has landed in Singapore
[8:30] Easing XP Netbook owners’ path to Windows 7
[10:52] Amazon: Windows 7 is ‘the biggest pre-order product of all time
[13:30] Linus Torvalds Gives Windows 7 a Thumbs Up
[14:22] Apple Targets Windows 7 With Three New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads
[17:00] Microsoft partners with Facebook, Twitter on search
[19:18] Google strikes a Twitter search deal, too
[20:43] Barnes & Noble Nook dual-screen reader officially announced
[25:05] Apple redesigns iMac and 13-inch MacBook, revamps Mac Mini
[36:35] Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement
[39:05] Dell Adamo XPS Can Only Be Opened By Rubbing It

[45:56] Bonus: Leave a comment and stand a chance to win one of the three T-Shirt (Thanks to Kevin)

  • CK

    I think you guys overlook the potential of the Mac Mini Server. The Mac Mini Server thing is huge. You get very useful server services like file server, web server, LDAP, Wiki, blogs, email, calendars etc with _unlimited_ users on a small and cute machines. At $1500+, this is a great deal. The equivalent Windows Server machine will cost easily $2000-$5000 just for the OS alone. And it works well with your iPhone.


    I was going to get a new MacBook, but the new MacBook looks horribly fragile. http://www.engadget.com/2009/10/22/unibody-macbook-late-2009-review/. If it is going to scratch and dent so easily, there is no way I am going to buy it.

    • I totally agree about the Mac Mini Server, we just ran out of time to talk about it. I was quite excited about it myself! If I had my own home, I’d get one and use it to host my own services myself! Plus Mac OS X Server has great podcast production tools built in. For a 1TB server with a full fledged server OS that does everything a $2000 windows server OS license does, at the cost of just ~$1500, it’s really amazing.

  • TTMP

    If i am not wrong core i5 has HT disabled.
    Core i7 series is a cool upgrade choice for the iMac i guess since most people who buys an iMac uses it to do video editting. HT just saves alot of time.

    • That’s true. That’s something we missed out too. I’m still quite confused with the Core i5s. I just went to check the specs of the i5 used on this iMac, and it does appear that HT is disabled…

  • DK

    TTMP: HT is disabled? Ouch…. why???? 🙁

    • CK

      i7 – HT = i5 😛

  • Ivy

    Your title made me click!!!! I feel so cheated. *sobs sobs*

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