XM-I X-Mini Max II Unbox

We finally got our hands on the X-Mini Max II, the highly anticipated stereo capsule speakers by Singaporean company XM-I. These stereo speakers are based on the X-Mini II that we reviewed a while back, and they certainly sound like X-Mini IIs, except being stereo speakers they bring a better dimension to the music you play on them.

Of course, like the X-Mini II, we’ve done an unboxing video the moment we got the unit. Stay tuned for Gear65’s full X-Mini Max II review!

UPDATE 27th October 2009: The guys at XM-I have gotten back to me and informed me that the package I got is not the final version although the speaker is. They are aware that the case in the packaging you see in the video where I have trouble fitting the speakers into was the wrong case, and assured me that they are rectifying the issue as far as the final retail package is concerned.

In any case (no pun intended), I think it’s a small issue, since you’re buying it for the speakers, which have served us well during the Windows 7 Social Party.

  • niña

    hi.. . im interested of this product.. but i dont know where to buy it.. do u know where i could get it??? i live in ireland,, thnks!!!

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