65Bits Episode 140: Justin and Fari's opinion does not represent Tech65

M1 joins the “Telco selling iPhone” club while the guys in green are still nowhere to be seen. The crews talks about E-Books again although I think most of them aren’t avid readers. We also discuss about the latest “feature” on Snow Leopard which deletes all your user data when you use the guest login. There is a new Google wave invite scam that is going around and quite a number of Techie people fell for it.

And I would like to say again that Justin and Fari’s opinion does not represent Tech65. Neither does DK and Nicole. But if that it the case, then whose opinion does? Hmmmm……

DK, Farinelli, Justin, Nicole

Stories this week

[1:22] Singapore’s M1 to Start Selling the iPhone
[4:20] Kindle in S’pore soon?
[6:05] Problem with Kindle international
[7:55] First Photos of Barnes & Noble’s Double Screen E-Reader
[10:30] Google challenges e-readers by taking e-books directly to browser
[13:25] Major bug in Snow Leopard deletes all user data
[16:35] Warning: Do not change your Twitter username, email address or reset password
[17:15] What problems does Google Wave solve?
[24:00] PSA: Beware of Google Wave scam sites
[27:05] Apple relents: in-app purchase for free apps allows demo-to-paid

[31:40] Byte of the week: Dim Dim

PS: Sorry for the huge delay. The Tech65 hamsters are having some problems lately. Barnes and Noble has since launched their E-book reader. My fault for the delay. I promise I’ll stop feeding the hamsters with McNuggets and Hoegaarden.

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