Gear65 #39 - Freetalk Everyman USB Skype Headset
This week we take a look at USB headsets, the Freetalk Everyman in particular, and see/hear why a USB headset makes such a difference when you do video or voice conferences online.

Link: Buy the Freetalk Everyman / Official Homepage

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  • Gizzmo

    This headset sucks. For VOIP one needs a headset with a mute button and a sound control. This one has neither. So if it is too loud you gotta get to your computer and fiddle with the software in order to change. You might be deaf before that happens. Really really bad. And imagine that Skype claims that this is Skype Certified!!!! Makes me totally loose my belief in that label.. bad bad bad.

    • Actually most people can live without those features. In a normal use case scenario, your hand is on your mouse most of the time. It’s not that much harder to lower the volume or mute it. In fact, more often than not I find it faster to click than to remove my hands from the keyboard and mouse, move to the headset to find a volume control and change it. The other option which is the most common reaction to most normal humans, even if there’s a volume control/mute button, is grab the headset and remove it immediately if there’s a deafening sound.

      Moreover, when you plug this into a Mac, for example, the only sound that comes out to the headset is Skype and nothing else. The rest of the sound still comes out from the computer speakers.

      This may not be the best headset around with the most features, and having a volume control and mute button would be great, but it’s sufficient for majority of Skype users, and to call it horrible would be a little too harsh.

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