HTC Hero (White AND Brown) Unbox

Justin and Justin each bought an HTC Hero, the highly anticipated Android phone from HTC, and we had the opportunity to unbox it together!

  • Wonder how the software usability of Hero compares vs the Magic.
    For hardware, Hero scores 1st point with the 3.5mm headphone 🙂

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  • Bertrand

    Hey guys i want to ask some question for those who own a Hero. Do you think this is a great time for me to get Hero over legend , nexus one and desire? Of cause to compare those with the price tag as well.

    Besides that, if i choose hero what will be the price in Singapore?does it drop after HTC new phone launch in Singapore? Lastly, how was the battery life and the different between the white and brown colour. I watched the unboxing video, it seem the brown hero have better feeling on the hand. However, the white hero seem nice too and will it get diry easily?

    Thanks and hope can hear from you guys soon.

    • Hey Bertrand,

      Depends. IMHO, I think the Legend would be better than the Hero, since the Legend is the successor of the Hero, and the Legend is going to be priced at SGD$798 retail price (without contract). However, comparing Legend vs Nexus One or HTC Desire will be different in terms of what suits you. I can write out an article comparing Legend vs Desire if we get our hands on those units.

      Comparing price tags, the Desire will probably be a lot pricer than the Legend, and of course the Hero will be the cheapest. I’m not an economist or work for HTC and control the prices, so I cannot comment whether if HTC Hero will have a price cut.

      The battery life is pretty decent at about 1 day’s worth of regular usage (including surfing, and running twitter, latitude, etc).

      The difference between the brown and white is the coating. White has teflon coating, and the brown has a rubbery coating. Personally, I like the feel of the brown hero, although I own that white HTC Hero. It doesn’t get dirty easily, but it does leave some markings when the phone gets hot and it sits on some colored surface, which I think might be an oversight in using teflon. But what you want to be concerned about is the grip. The white Hero slips off my hands so often because of the slippery teflon.

      However, the teflon used on the Nexus One is an improved version of what the white HTC hero has, which I think has a much better feel.

      Let me know if you have any more questions, or if I didn’t answer your questions completely.

      • Bertrand

        Hey Justin thanks for your great information. I think i will probably go for either Legend or Hero. Another question is, when will the HTC Hero get an update to 2.1 eclair with legend sense? How was your hero going on? so far so good?

        Besides that, i heard about the hero’s camera was pretty bad especially in low lighting and it is any firm or app that can helps to improve this manner? Can hero support up to 16 git Micro SD Cards? i also heard there is some problem with the app which need to store in Micro SD cards but it does not work, which mean it only allow to store at internal memory i guess .

        Next is the UI it seem very smooth, did you download any app to make me smoother like iphone? Lastly, can you suggest me the cheapest price for htc hero in Singapore?

        Sorry there but really have a lot questions about the hero want to ask you guys.

        Justin really hope you guys can do a video on legend and compare it with hero. I managed to have a grab in Kuching last week, it really feel nice on hand the legend but its cost Rm2299 (wow)which i can get a nexus one in Singapore.

        Thank there Justin.

  • hey, questions about the hero!

    1. Is it a roller ball? and if so how does it work?
    2. does the white one scratch easily? do they show up alot?
    3. does it look good? 😉

    please may any answers be kinda detailed, if possible:D

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