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GC-AsiaLogoThe 3rd Games Convention Asia convenes today; with both conference and public exhibition available. Held at Suntec City Convention Centre, it is also the host of Asia’s largest e-gaming tournament which includes the Starhub Cup & the One Asia Cup.

The Public Exhibition is found at Hall 401, Level 4. It runs from today (17th September 2009) to Sunday.

    The local polytechnics and the SAE Institute have also put up booths for their game & animation development programmes. It is interesting to see them engage at a level beyond the boundaries of the lecture theatres.

    I feel that Tech65 readers would be interested to know that on the 19th September, there will be a designated “Students Day” where several key industry leaders speak about the topics closer to their heart. Some of the speakers include, Takahiro Murakami – Lead Producer EA Japan, Olivier de Rotalier – Ubisoft Singapore & Tad Leckman – Lucasfilm.  There will also be a discussion about “Breaking into the Games Industry”, moderated by Allan Simonsen. The panelists will be Tad Leckman & Olivier de Rotalier.

    Update 1345hrs: There is an announcement from MagmaStudios – who will be developing a new virtual world – where an ancient kingdom ruled the island & men-eating tigers roam all over. The project is supported by the National Heritage Board(NHB), the multi-agency Interactive Digital Media R&D Programme Office (IDMPO) & hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore(IDA).

    Titled World of Temasek, it recreate Singapore, immersing viewers into the city walls of Bukit Larangan(present day Fort Canning) & the moat surrounding its palaces and temples. Viewers reprise various roles, exploring Bukit Larangan and the Singapore River MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) style. MagmaStudios promises deep & rich education content with the element of fun thrown in. There wil be a learning opportunity where players engage in spices trade & other goods, collect virtual artefacts while learning more about the particular artefacts from the NHB museums’ collections.

    The technology used for World of Temasek is called MagmaFlow, which is a quest-building toolkit for virtual worlds. It promises engagement similar to the social media engagements seen today, promising future upgrades by virtue of its modular nature.

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