HP Mini 5101 First Look

Some of the Tech65 crew were attending Twestival, the local tweet-up aimed at raising money for charity, when Daniel and Justin noticed an HP Mini 5101 on a table there. Without hesitation, we tried to dig up as much as we could regarding the HP Mini, and filmed it. Then we asked for permission… 😛

This video was so ad-hoc, so unplanned that we had to rush through it as I didn’t have enough memory left in my camera. That’s why the video gets cut of abruptly at the end. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks Melvin! And for those who were there, hope you had fun at Twestival!

  • DK

    My guess is that they give you Window vista license because it allows you to upgrade to Windows 7 free when it’s available on 22 Oct.

    Just my guess. Need to confirm with them.

    • For most manufacturers who sell their systems with Vista after June, usually comes with a handout that asks the consumer to register with the maker’s website to qualify for the next OS upgrade – provided free by the Makers.

      Please do check with the makers when you purchase them.

  • Anytime, Daniel!

    I’m getting mine today, so if you want to do a proper review, just let me know… esp if you want to help me zhng it! 😉

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