Gear65 #33 - Samsung Omnia II (HD Video)

This highly demanded review is finally up! The Samsung Omnia II, Samsung’s newest Windows Mobile device, is a lot more promising that the original Omnia when it first came out with it’s brand new TouchWiz 2 UI that features many things you find in the HTC TouchFlo 3D as well. But having a practical UI is not enough, it needs to be able to run it well. Can the Omnia II do that? We’ll find out today.

Link: Samsung Omnia II

P.S: Read on to check out our extended video for the Omnia II’s on screen keyboard!

  • Hey, Noticed the screen quite hard to press. Many times it doesn’t respond to your sliding action.

  • loaddown

    Daniel, you give great reviews, but lay off the crack. Just kidding, we southern US folks are are a little slower, but I caught 80% of your Omnia II review.

    Two questions:
    1. There has been controversy about the AMOLED screen in sunlight, any truth to it being more faded that TFT?

    2. Do you know if a WM 6.5 upgrade will activate the 16m color support or is this disabled for power consumption reasons anyway??

  • dudz666

    which is more better…. the omnia i8910 HD or the omnia II i8000?

    please help me bro….

  • Daniel Ruiz

    In my opinion is better the omnia i8910 hd because of symbian, and its capacitive screen… my english is not so good but I try

  • Izzat

    hi there..i would like to ask.If i were to install SPB mobileshell 3.5 onto samsung omnia 2 w/ windows mobile 6.5,will it over ride ALL the features of the phone? for eg.touch player,contacts,sms,alarm clock..
    just wanna give spb mobileshell a try because touchwiz is rly slowing down everything on the pnone

  • cherlyn

    good day,
    hello..i may wants to know which phone should i probably choose from..
    samsung omnia 2 or htc brand??which 1 is much more reliable??
    looking forward for your reply..thx

  • Diego

    Hi Daniel, I’d like to know if omnia II / windows 6.5 have option to show the agenda in main screen. Do you know if it is possible ? Im trying to search something explaing about it but no answers yet.
    Probably you are asking for yourself why someone is asking questions about this smartphone, once that it was released at Aug/09.. It’s simple and in the same time disgusting, just now this smartphone is sold in Brazil. Thanks for your help.


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