Gear65 #32 - HP Mini 110

This week we take a look at HP’s new netbook, and discuss how it’s different from it’s older brother, and from other netbooks in the market.

Specs: Intel Atom N280 (1.66Ghz), 160 GB Hard drive (5400 RPM), 1GB DDR 2 RAM, Built-in WiFi (B/G) but NO bluetooth (comes bundled as a USB dongle for the S$699 version). 10.1″ display, 5-in-1 card reader.

Link: HP Mini 110 (S$599 version without bluetooth dongle)

  • I’m using the HP Mini 1100TU (Korean edition)

    Love it for what you’ve said
    – the SDCard goes in all the way
    – the keyboard size is awesome

    However, the keyboard still doesn’t give me that satisfying click-clack that you get from typing when the key goes in deep enough.

    • Hmm… I guess this is the kind of thing that you need to go down and physically play with because different people have different preferences. I personally like this keyboard.

  • I love this machine for its:
    – design
    – keyboard
    – size

    and nice specs apart from no Bluetooth added in.

    And to add on, from my experience installing certain games from GameHouse in this machine, some of them does not work and resulted in error that is related to unsupported Graphics Resolution. Spa Mania, Feeding Frenzy, and the others does not work. Still have not came to the way of solving this resolution problem. Tried changing to 800×600, it does not work too.

    And in Indonesia, it came with 6 cells battery for Mini 110 – 1103TU. Price @ USD 430

  • CK

    Nice review. But do show us your faces more. Most of the video, it looks like Daniel’s hand is gesturing and talking to us. I suppose that is the side effects of not having a glossy screen to reflect your faces. 😛

    • Haha, when we first started you wouldn’t even see our faces at all! Since we have only 1 camera and limited time, the current layout is the most efficient we can do.

  • May be you can use finger puppets then. 🙂

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  • Alex Ong

    Bro, do you know there’s a sim slot that comes with the mini note? Are you able to get that to work with the data sim card in Singapore?

    • Yes, we know about the SIM slot. NTT explained to me once that it’s a process to reduce cost when manufacturing (less variations), but you won’t be able to use the slot unless the hardware has been enabled by the factory.

    • Also, even though the SIM slot is there, the WWAN card isn’t. So the enabling part is only to enable the SIM slot to pair with a WWAN card if it’s installed (miniPCI slot). So even if you manage to activate the SIM slot, it’s useless without the WWAN card and antenna.

  • Hey whats up guys. Nice review, i bought this nb about a week ago. It sits on my desk most of the time, but i went around Seoul with it the other day. The wi-fi distance on this thing is GREAT and it doesnt tax the battery too bad. I think i was able to use this to about 4 hours before i had to charge it, and that was playing starcraft. Good stuff, you guys are bookmarked.

  • eddy

    i just bought my hp mini and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it but the card reader not working well. The comp recognize ” found new hardware ” and ” already installed and ready to use “. But i didn’t found in my computer as well. What am I supposed to do? Thanks

  • This is awesome machine..
    i love this..

  • i have also an hp notebook and i am quite satisfied with that, their service also is amazing you know, as if they are always available standing outside your door.

  • I love this .

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