65Bits Episode 129: The 129th Episode

Singapore isn’t very good at naming things, and this week’s episode is dedicated to one such thing: the budget terminal aptly named “The Budget Terminal”. So in honour of that, this week’s episode shall be called… The 129th Episode. On this creatively named episode we share with you Starhub’s contractless pre-paid mobile broadband, Windows 7 RTMing, a new netbook OS, Twitter killing spammers and Facebook relenting the vanity URL policy, by a bit… And finally, iPhone and iPod Touch users can finally stalk and be stalked!

Daniel, Jerrick, DK, Nicole, Justin

Stories this week:

[03:00] Starhub’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan
[07:40] Windows 7 RTMed
[13:30] Jolicloud (A Netbook OS designed for the Cloud) Alpha-ed
[20:20] Twitter Correcting Follower Counts: 1000s of Spammers Perish
[22:15] Facebook let you change your username – Just one more time

[24:30] Byte of the week: Google Latitude for the iPhone and iPod Touch

  • Skyhook – they created a wifi hotspot lat/lon database. So base on your nearby hotspot they can guess your lat/lon

    Latitude is also on Android. 🙂

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