Gear65 #30 - Samsung Jet

So how do you draw the line between a smartphone and a non-smartphone? On the Samsung Jet, the line gets thinner as this non-smartphone powerhouse shows us how it can be as powerful as a smartphone too!

Link: Samsung Jet

  • Another sexy looking handset. The spec line up is pretty good too with a decent 5 MP camera. Plus you have to love the user interface!

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  • jet user

    S8003 user exp-pc software cannot recognize the jet for backups and firmware updates-also, when watching a video and turning the phone to its side for landscape viewing it is okay, but when turned to the other landscape side the video is displayed upside down-browser also has trouble rendering some popular websites correctly

  • JT

    Are there differences between S8000 and S8003?Does this phone support chinese text input?thanks

  • Distanceoriginal

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