65Bits Episode 126: Month of Smartphones 5 - The Summary

With Jerrick finally back from the UK, we can finally conclude the month of Smartphones! We’re gonna compare all the 4 platforms and hopefully help you decide which is the best platform for you! Not before we talk about Steve Job’s return, the trademarking of the Tweet, and how the Amazon Kindle and the Palm Pre might just be that much closer to Singapore! And remember, the Samsung Jet is NOT a smartphone…

Daniel, Jerrick, DK, Nicole, Hisham

Stories this week:

[02:20] Steve Jobs is back at work, and so is Jerrick!
[03:00] Twitter to trademark the word “Tweet”
[04:15] Standardized mobile phone charger coming to EU (Correction: The proposed standard only applies to “data-enabled” mobile phones)
[06:40] Windows 7 Beta automatic shutdown has begun
[07:45] iPhone 3GS on sale in Singapore this week
[10:00] Apple patching nasty SMS vulnerability
[11:20] Amazon Kindle and Palm Pre getting only so slightly closer to Singapore

Month of Smartphone [13:35]
[15:00] S60
[19:30] Windows Mobile
[21:50] Android
[25:00] iPhone
[29:35] Why not the iPhone and how the S60 v3 is not going to die anytime soon
[32:10] Our favourite smartphones

Byte of the Week: [39:00] gdgt.com

  • diana perkel

    what do u think about the Samsung Behold? I have had 1 for about ayear and have been thinking of upgrading but also think that my phone may have everything that I need )ie new icons, web, apps, megapixel camera w. flash, PHONE, virtual keyboard, voice recogniction, WHAT AM I MISSING????

    thanx for your input,

    ps I am a loyal t-mobile customer w. ulimited EVERYThING for $82.00 and change 😉

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