Gear65 #29 - Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2
Lenovo upgraded their netbook, the S10, with the brand new S10-2. So what’s been upgraded? How about a sleeker design and Quickstart, a special boot mode that let’s you access the web browser in ten seconds? Is that enough for it to stand out from the crowd? Find out this week on Gear65.
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  • Hi Daniel,

    Nice video, showing S10-2.

    I just bought it from Lenovo, it’s on the way to me. before I had S10 and I had bought for it a bluetooth module. But before I sold my S10, I removed the module, and think to put it to S10-2. Did you get a chance to look inside the S10-2, if there is still a place for the bluetooth module?

  • Dean

    Hi Guys,

    Great review of the S10-2 on YouTube. Its the only one I could find in English lol. I bought one about 4 months ago and it came with the 6-cell lithium ion battery, which doesn’t take anything away from the aesthetic appeal of the netbook AT ALL. It also lasts around 5 hours with everything on and in WinXP.Surprisingly, even with the 6-cell battery tacked on its still very light. The unit I got also came with integrated 3G as an added bonus for surfing the net using mobile phone towers when there is no wi-fi or LAN available. The ONLY problem I do have with it however is that there is no 3G support in quickstart. I’d really appreciate some feedback on this if you hear anything.

    Keep up the good work!

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