Gear65 #27 - Nokia N97 (HD Video)

This week we finally get to take a close look at Nokia’s flagship for 2009, the Nokia N97. Does it match up to its hype and anticipation? We give you the ups and the downs of this device and let you decide for yourself. On this week’s Gear65.

Link: Nokia N97

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v), Flash Video (.flv)

P.S.: Read more for an extended version of the video!

  • Zhi Wei (From New Jersey)

    Dear Tech65 Host Daniel & DK;
    You guys did an awesome job at reviewing this gadgets, as I am now a fans of all your shows. Would you mind answer few questions for me(much appreciated).
    Between the Nokia N97, Samsung i8910, and the apple iphone 3Gs. Which would you recommend for peoples to buy if you’ve to decided one.
    Things to consider:
    1) Audio/Videos playback on each devices… Which one’s better quality?
    2) As so call 21st century Smart Phone, Software is very important. Between this devices, Which provide a better application for everyday usage?
    3) When comes to hardware design in real life testing. which one stand out in both build quality and attractiveness as well as battery life?
    If you guys can do a “VS” videos between this devices that would be “FREAKING AMAZING” (If not that’s okay, srry’bout the language ‘:)
    Thanks for answering my questions Keep up the good work!
    Oh by the way~ After all this gadget you guys have reviewed. Which one’s your favorite so far?

    • Vicky

      I have been wondering the exact same thing!

      First I saw the Samsung i8910 HD, and was amazed by the 8 mega-pix camera and the quality of the screen. But then read some terrible reviews regarding battery life. Ive had a touch screen phone before, which only lasted about 12 hrs before dying, with pretty minimal use so I was forced to sell it after a few weeks.

      So then I looked at the new iphone. Seems to be a good sturdy, well loved all rounder. And you can get hundreds of fun applications. But on the other hand the camera is pap, no HD, most of the applications are just for fun rather than anything practical, and there seems to be just as many people complaining about poor battery life.

      So then I started to look into the Nokia N97. Its a bit bulkier, and doesn’t have the same great screen / camera / HD recording like the Samsung i8910 HD but it does have a proper keypad. So would this make a big difference to the battery life? – Which to me is one of the most important things. Why have a phone packed full of amazing features if you cant use them for fear of the battery dying mid way through the day?!?!

      These 3 are definitely the front runners at the moment. But is there a clear winner between them?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated

      Loving the shows btw


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