65Bits Episode 123 : Month of SmartPhones 2 - iPhone

Shit happens.. and it happened to us this week. The hamster which power our rendering farm went on strike over the weekend. Thus, had to render the episode manually this week… Hence, the precious discussions on the Month of SmartPhones, your nearly illegal byte of the week, a quick round of refresh with local and social networking news and ofcourse everything from that Apple keynote was delayed for a few days.. Really sorry for that..

-DK, Fari, Daniel, Hisham, Bernard and hamsters….

[2:00]Video Games Live Concert in Singapore
[4:25]Soundbuzz music store to shut down on July 15
[6:00]Singtel to launch a Music service called AMP
[7:10]Popular Bookshop website got hacked.
[8:42]Facebook allows personalized username
[10:15]Twitter launches verified accounts.

[12:41]MacBook family refreshed.
[18:25]Snow Leopard announced.
[21:45]Safari 4 annouced.

MonthOfSmartPhones Discussion
[22:10]iPhone 3G S
[24:50]Singtel to launch iPhone 3GS in July.
[27:30]Singtel to offer Tethering on iPhone3.0 OS
[28:35]iPhone OS 3.0

[32:25]Byte of the Week: doubleTwist for iPhone

  • NTT

    Whoa.. I leave you guys to yourself just for a bit and you do this!!!

    @Dan You don’t know who’s the Dalai Lama??

    @Dan And Cocoa is not the user interface.. it’s the frameword or API used to make Apps for OSX

    Oh and DoubleTwist’s lagality is still a grey thing.. It also allows you to move your DRMed music to other devices, and thus doing DRM-cracking.. Now didn’t you wonder how DVD-Jon suddenly turned over a new leaf.. 😛

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