Gear65 #26 - Samsung i8910 HD (a.k.a Omnia HD)

The first non-Nokia device running on Series 60 S60 version 5 is what we’re taking a look today: The Samsung i8910 HD, more commonly known by its old name: the Omnia HD. For once, the HD actually stands for 720p HD, as in the ability to record 720p HD video, and not “higher definition than you”.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this is the second Gear65 episode this week! That’s right, two for the price of one!!

  • StevenK

    Ugh, you guys are killing me. “Series60” died years ago. It’s called “S60” now.

    • Well, we’ve been saying “series60” for years, even at Nokia events and no-one’s ever corrected us.

      Consider us corrected.

  • George

    Such a cool phone. So cool features, so ahead of the competition… and then you watch the HD clips and hear the sad sound it produces. Sorry Samsung but that’s the thing that kills the phone for me. I don’t care for a FM-transmitte rlike so many people as it usually doesn’t work very well (at least on my N78) but the clips are worthless to me with that kind of sound. I really, really wonder what they were thinking.

  • NTT

    According to wikipedia..

    “There have been four major releases of S60: “Series 60” (2001), “Series 60 Second Edition” (2003), “Series 60 3rd Edition” (2005) and “S60 5th Edition” (2008).”

    So yea.. they started calling it S60 from the v5 onwards.. But anyway.. Rose by any other name is still a rose..:)

    We’ll change from no on though.. Thanks for pointing it out.. πŸ™‚

  • Dallas

    Hey this phone looks really good, pity about the audio quality during hd filming… ItÒ€ℒs the only major downside to this phone as I can see. They are apparently in the process of fixing it according to the Samsung Mobile Innovator site and will hopefully be released in a firmware update (alot of hope needed there). I am wondering the price and release date in Australia? Have u guys got any info on that??


    • The other downside in my opinion is the keyboard actually… :S

      But no, we don’t know the price or the release date in Australia, sorry! We don’t even have that info for Singapore yet!

  • Dallas

    yer thats true πŸ™‚ no multi touch…

    ok well thanks anyway!!

  • Meredith

    Any information as to when this phone is coming to the United States and on which carrier?

    • Sorry, we don’t know about anything with regards to its availability outside of Singapore…

  • Thuc Bui

    Hi,i know that Omnia HD have flash player,can it play any video on the web or just on the youtube?Thanks….

    • It can play any video on the web.

      If you watch episode 27 of Gear65, at the end of the episode, we played Gear65 right off this website, which wasn’t using Youtube but The Nokia N97 has the same browser as the i8910HD

  • Sjoewa

    Daniel if you hat to choose right? between the Nokia N97 and the Samsung omnia HD. What would be your choice and why would that be your choice?

    • I’d choose the N97 because it has a keyboard (S60’s on screen keyboard isn’t very good yet) and because it’s widgets do more than just provide shortcuts and are actually mini-applications.

  • Sjoewa

    Thanks, and yea my choose was leaning towards the n97 also just wanted
    to know you opion aswel:)
    And great job on the reviews i love them, keep going πŸ™‚

    • Glad I could help. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your support!

  • Thuc Bui

    Thanks Daniel,and i want to know that this fone coming out yet? where you buy it?Becayse i want it,i live in Ca,USA…Thanks

    • No, sorry, I don’t know when or where is it available outside of Singapore. This was a review unit sent to us by Samsung.

  • Jacob Issac

    Hey guys! Thanks for the informative videocast. Did you find the video on the phone to be much better on the phone than in the recording we just saw. And how does watching video you have taken on the phone compare with video on the N97. For example watching video on the N95’s screen versus a computer always looks better on the phone itself. With more ram available did you find the browser to be faster than the N97’s or were they still the same?

  • Zhi Wei (from New Jersey)

    Dear Tech65 Host Daniel & DK;
    Another round of questions for you guys.
    Do you guys like the Symbian OS compare to other OS?
    When comes to GPS application on the phone, is it usable(I mean can I replace this with my Gamin GPS device in my car), and is there any monthly fee for using that apps?
    OH! Some Questions I must ask! And PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!(Deeply appreciated)
    On N95 there’s a feature call “TV-Out” that use a cable to connect to the TV and playback whatever it’s on the screen of the phone. But can the i8910 do the same?
    I hear that i8910 can playback stuff from memory card, but what sort of stuff? can it playback videos/music(What sort of format?)
    Anyway I want to THANK YOU guys SO much for taking the time to read my comment and answer my questions(tho I’ve lot more questions I want ask).
    Love all the shows as always ^_^
    Fans Zhi Wei (from New Jersey),

    • Ben

      Hey just ordered myself. It has TV out, in HD, and plays pretty much most formats like Divx, Xvid, RealVideo, Windows Media and the format it records in. Flash video works too, iPlayer not standard on Orange Contract (UK not USA related) but works if unbranded via firmware update. Plenty of videos on YouTube, take a look…

  • Michael

    Hi Daniel, DO you have any idea when will Samsung Omnia HD i8910 launch in singapore?

    • Nope, sorry, I don’t know when it will launch here…

  • Glan

    Yo Daniel.. You think i should wait for HD or just go for the Jet? I don’t wanna wait too long man.. But i have a feeling i’m gonna regret it if i get the Jet and HD turns out to be VASTLY superior..

    • Both these phones are very different. The Jet isn’t a smartphone at all while the HD runs S60, which has a library of apps you can download on your computer and install. The HD has a better camera and bigger screen too. Not to mention a lot more memory. The Jet is a good phone for someone looking for an affordable yet featured packed phone, while the HD is a smartphone powerhouse. The Jet has a better on screen keyboard and web browser though.

  • Taz

    Hey! Daniel, I was thinking of getting either i8910 HD or omnia. I’m in a dilemma which phone should I get. Any suggestion?

    • I’d recommend the Omnia II (I assume that’s what you’re asking about, right?), cos I enjoyed using the Omnia II more than the i8910HD. I think the Omnia II has a better user interface than the i8910HD.

  • Reuben

    Hey Daniel,
    Im stuck between waiting for the SE Satio to come out and buying this i890 omnia hd. In your opinion, which phone will have an overall better user experience? 12.1 mpx is not enough to entice me if the omnia hd can play such a variety of video formats + the amoled screen; all for a movie buff like me. And the fact that SE is taking their own sweet time to release it, I’m feeling annoyed by it..

    • Hi Reuben,

      The thing about this is that Sony Ericsson hasn’t had a good history with coming up with their own UI on another operating system. The Xperia X1 is such an example. I’m not saying that the Satio is going to be bad, but that because of this history, it’s not fair to say anything about the Satio until we’ve played with it in person.

      An important lesson we’ve learnt is that specs are useless if the software doesn’t make it pleasant to use. So unfortunately, we have no choice but to wait. It could be the best phone ever, but it could also be another over-hyped phone.


  • Nicole

    Hi Daniel,

    I have been really interested in this phone since July. I live in Malaysia. The price is kinda high here, round RM2800. I’m going to Singapore soon and i was wondering if you noe the price of the Omnia HD/ i8910 HD in Singapore. I don’t need a 16GB so im asking about the price of the 8GB 1, converted to RM. Thanks.

  • hi daniel,

    Love your reviews ,grt job.Need your help, i have been saving sm cash to buy a gud phone, realy confused btw omnia hd and omnia 2….pls help..this will be my 1st smart phone, so ur oppinion needed.. thwnk you

  • mariano

    Hello Daniel,
    Im bit confused to choose from SE Satio,i8910,Pixon12.
    My requirements – except the features of a smart phone are good camera for high quality stills and videos with 3G/HSDPA connectivity and GPS.

    Please advice and help me in comparing and choosing a phone. Which could suit my requirements?
    Sony Ericsson Satio or Samsung i8910 or Pixon12?

    Hope your earliest possible reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mariano Rubharajan

    Hello Daniel,
    Im bit confused to choose from SE Satio,i8910,Pixon12.
    My requirements Γ’β‚¬β€œ except the features of a smart phone are good camera for high quality stills and videos with 3G/HSDPA connectivity and GPS.

    Please advice and help me in comparing and choosing a phone. Which could suit my requirements?
    Sony Ericsson Satio or Samsung i8910 or Pixon12?

    Hope your earliest possible reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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