65Bits Episode 122 : Month of SmartPhones 1 - Series60, N97, Pre

We’re starting a special month of coverage and discussion on 65Bits. It’s the month of SmartPhones. Around this month there will be many announcement and release of SmartPhones, from the iPhone to the Palm Pre. We’ll be concentrating on SmartPhones for the next few episodes, with discussions and stories about the various devices and platforms. So do join us for the next four episodes of 65Bits for a journey through the world of SmartPhones.

Oh.. and for the others who’re not really interested in SmartPhones.. we’ll still be having our regular Refresh and Byte of the Week segment to keep you entertained. So don’t drop off just yet..

-NTT, Dan, Nicole and DK (KL Correspondent).

[4:00] E3 Coverage
[4:30] E3 – Microsoft’s Project Natal
[7:00] E3 – Sony’s Playstation Motion Tracking Controller
[8:35] E3 – DJ Hero
[9:05] E3 – Tony Hawk: Ride
[9:50] E3 – Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus
[9:55] E3 – Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario World, etc.
[10:05] E3 – Sony Playstation Go
[11:45]Acer to sell Android phones, Netbooks
[16:30]Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow™ arena
[20:05]Google Wave
[24:50]Microsoft Bing

MonthOfSmartPhones Discussion
[30:15]Nokia’s N97.

[46:20]Byte of The Week: Youtube XL

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