HP Mini 110 Specifications by request + HD Video


By request, I am posting the full specifications of the HP Mini 110. While I was putting this up, I realised there were a few specs that we forgot about, such as the fact that the display is LED-backlit. The HP Mini 110 has several options, and it’s base model is probably the one that costs US$299 (During the executive interviews, we were told that the US$299 is for both the Mobile Internet Edition as well as the Windows XP model).

I’m also adding the HD version of the HP Mini 110 video for your viewing pleasure.

Specifications are as follows :

Weight 1.06 kgs (lightest in the HP Mini line)
Thickness Just over 1 inch
(For XP) 10.1-inch Diagonal SD LED Antiglare
Widescreen Display
10.1-inch Diagonal HD LED Anti-glare
Widescreen Display
(For Mi) 10.1-inch Diagonal SD LED Antiglare
Widescreen Display
Processor Intel® Atom™ N270 1.60 GHz or Intel® Atom™ N280 1.66 GHz
Chipset Intel® 945 GSE Chipset
Graphics Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Shared)
OS Microsoft Windows XP or HP Mini 110 Mobile Internet Edition (MIE)
Internal Storage
(For XP) 16GB/32GB (Solid State Drive Flash Module) OR 160GB –5400 RPM Hard Drive
(For MIE) 8GB/64GB (Solid State Drive Flash Module) OR 250GB–5400 RPM Hard Drive
(For XP) 1024MB DDR2 System Memory,
Supports up to 1 GB
(For MIE) 1024 MB/2048 MB DDR2 System Memory
Supports up to 2GB
Ports 5-in-1 digital media slot
3x USB Ports
VGA Connector
Camera Webcam with Integrated Microphone
Communications Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
802.11 b/g WLAN, HP un2400 EV-DO/HSPA Mobile Broadband (Configurable)
External Bluetooth Nano Dongle (Configurable)
Keyboard 92% Full-Size Keyboard
Power 3 or 6-Cell Lithium-ion (28Whr, 55Whr), 30W AC Adapter
Special Features Syncables – Sync effortlessly
Broadcom® Crystal HD Enhanced Video accelerator (Configurable)

This specs sheet was taken and modified slightly from Nicholas Aaron Khoo’s blog, whom I attended the HP Touch The Future Now event in Beijing with.

  • Sir:

    I have bought HP mini 110 with windows 7 starter. Very Slow more than 4 minutes to booting. And can I upgrade the RAM Memory to 4GB? How many memory slot?

    THank you.

    You are the best.


    • No, you can only upgrade it up to 2GB. There’s only one slot though, so you need to replace the RAM stick altogether.

      • Mochamad Sirodjudin

         how about upgrade by using external memory, like flashdisk or microSD? i heard it from my friend, but i’m not sure yet.

    • Igor Shalari

      I have upgraded my mini 110 with 2 Gb RAM and now I feel more comfortable working with it. Win 7 Ultimate operates much faster. In addition, using SSD drive instead of SATA can make a performance boost.

  • james braselton

    hi there wow i want one but dont see this model on hp website i want 1 gb ram 1.66 ghz cpu and the 64 gb ssd becuase my hp netbook has 1.6 ghz cpu 1 gb ram and 16 gb ssd come on hp create a netbook with touch screen and ssd we need more ssd products not less thats why i like the apple ipad flash memory storage

    • It’s an old model already, I don’t even see it in shops any more. The new model is known as the HP Mini 210.


    I have just traded for a hp mini 110. Know this sounds dumb, but where is the power button?


    trying to find the powerbutton on the hp mini 110

    • It’s at the front. The sliding switch on the left.

  • reeya

    been using HPMini 110 for almost a year and I’m still liking it. the best part is the antiglare screen. even im in bright areas, there is not reflection on the screen. I just noticed it lately when i tried to use other laptop. i cant concentrate bec of the reflection. Whenever i will buy another laptop or suggest a laptop i would definitely consider the LED antiglare screen. 🙂

  • Sophie Czajka

    What is the Wattage on this mini?
    I am lookihg for a proper converter.

  • Roland

    What about audio?

  • roel

    i have a hp mini 110 and the built in camera is not working..everytime i used it there is always a message coming up..”the connection of your camera was lost”even in skype or ym it’s not working.how to fix it..hope you can help me..thank you..

  • Harold Potter

    I have a mini 110 and cannot get internet access.  Where is the wireless button located?

  • Ekin

    I love my HP Mini 110.. Though its slow like a turtle.. But I love it to bits :p

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