A Look at KrisWorld InFlight Entertainment System (HD Video)

On my way back from Beijing, I decided to do a video tour of Singapore Airline’s in-flight entertainment system, and check out the tech that’s found on the system. Oh, and sorry about the accent. That’s what happens when you can’t hear yourself.

  • Just as a random: You’re 10 kilometres above the air? ALSO – You got a window seat along the wing? Those are the absolute best. Nice shirt dude, I wonder what the guy sitting next to you was thinking? I’m gonna finally be able to experience it on my flight back from LHR. 😀 Whoot!

    • The guy next to me is Ajay Mohan, one of the guys at HP leading the green movement. 🙂 i.e. There was an empty seat in between us, which both of us happened to intentionally put when we checked in online 😛 (I learned that from Nicholas whom I flew with)

  • Funky accent. 😛

    Somehow all the planes I take are the 747s, which has like the vomit-inducing KrisWorld 2 (or 1) systems. I think you’re on 4 or 5. Really nice stuff. Jeles~

  • @Farinelli when you book you will get a rundown as to the aircraft type you are flying. The new 777-200ERs and 777-300ERs have the new KrisWorld I think. Also the 747s aren’t that bad… compared to say LUFTHANSA’s 747s with the complete lack of in seat Screens.

    @Daniel Tsou I did that too for my return flight. But this trick only really works if your flight isn’t too full :'(

  • Nor

    hey wat aircraft is that (777-???) and what aircraft have krisworld?

    • I can’t remember the full name…

      I think every Singapore Airlines has krisworld, it’s just about which version of Krisworld it has.

  • Practicalgenerally

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