Gear65 #22 - HTC Magic First Look

HTC’s first independent Android phone is finally in our hands! The HTC magic, the first Android phone to be on sale in Singapore that has manufacturer customisations (the HTC Dream was purely a Google phone), continues to prove that HTC knows what users want in their smartphone: in this case providing a better HTC smart keyboard, better custom camera and camcorder application, exchange support and office document reader. It’s just a first look, but we already love it.

Link: HTC Magic

  • Shi Wei

    Hey can i request to have a review using htc’s 3.5mm output adapter on the G2?
    quite curious about the sound quality output.

    • We’ll keep that in mind when we recieve a proper review unit. We had this one for less than 24 hours.

  • Anony

    You said HTC dream at 8:02!

    • Hahaha!!! Oops!!! You should watch Gear65 #24! I called the Samsung P3 a phone at least twice during the shoot!! Only noticed during post production, so too late… Haha…

      As long as people get the idea, right? 😛

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