65Bits Episode 119: Freshly Squeezed and MmMMM Good

We’re shaking it up with a spot of Magic and Android goodness. Tastes so good in the morning don’t you think? We also talk about HP’s spot of battery trouble and worry frantically about Google *GASP* going down! Say it isn’t so! Microsoft tries to squeese Apple for every last drop of juicy goodness they’ve got but we all know Apple’s got a few tricks up their sleeves. We worry about Nextbus and hope that it won’t be dropped. This week, our major stories include the recycling of Electronics in Singapore – Futurisitic babble or something we must do today and now. And we discuss ideas for the upcoming Code Extreme Apps. Let’s get coding people!

With Love and Affection

Daniel, NTT, Nicole, DK

[00:40] We’re on Engadget!

[02:10] HTC Magic
[03:45] Exchange-enabled HTC Magic explained: it’s not a “with Google” phone
[04:35] HP recalls 70,000 notebook batteries because of fire hazard
[07:05] Acer Aspire Timeline
[08:45] Ubuntu1 is in beta now
[11:05] Google goes down
[14:15] Microsoft vs Apple Ad wars
[17:25] End of NextBus?
[20:50] Singapore TweetUp

Stories :
[23:30] Recycling Electronics in SG
[30:00] Ideas for Code Extreme apps?

[38:40] Byte of the Week : VLC

  • uhmmm for the byte of the week, ive actually moved on from VLC to Gom Player. it just works better at less than 5MB. 🙂

    • GOM player isn’t multi-platform, neither is it as customisable or powerful. Also, it still relies on Windows Media Player to some extent.

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