Gear65 #21 - Canon Legria HF20 (HD Video)

Our first canon HD consumer camcorder blew us away with its amazing HD video quality as we took it for a spin at the Merlion Park in Singapore. So what makes this camera so cool? Watch this episode as we show you some of its cool features and awesome footages we took with the Legria HF20.

Link: Canon Legria HF20

Formats Available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

Sample footage:

Sample photos:

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  • Dennis


    I think you did the HF20 review with the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000. Which resolution did you record it in ?
    I’m interested in the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000, but unfortunately they took the 1280×720 60p option away, leaving only 30p in that resolution (it can do 1920 x 1080 60p though). As 1280×720 is the best format for Youtube HD video’s, do you think I will miss the 60p option ?
    Can the files be uploaded to youtube right from the camera with no software conversion ?

    • Yep, we used the HD1000. We recorded in 1280×720 30p. I don’t ever use 60p cos it seems to have issues with editing software. Youtube prefers 30p too, so I doubt you’ll miss the 60p option.

      And yes, files can be uploaded straight to youtube. That’s why we got this camera. We do that quite a bit. The only case where we don’t is in our proper shows like Gear65.

  • Dennis

    Thank you for your reply.

    In this review they say the image stabilizer is very weak:

    Do you also think so ?

    Are there any other cameras I should consider, with direct upload (mp4 files) ?

    I guess the Canon requires much more conversion before posting on youtube or facebook…

    • Yes, it’s not very useful, so we use tripods a lot, or learn to not move the camera too quickly. But you shouldn’t be worrying about stabilisers on a video camera, because you’re not supposed to rely on it when you do video. You should be working on how your clip is going to framed, how to hold the camera properly etc.

  • Dennis

    I’m also considering the Samsung VP-HMX20, which also records H.264 in .mp4 files, but it doesn’t have the 1280×720 resolution, and I think it is overkill to record in 1920×1080 for youtube ? and will take much longer time to upload…

    Would prefer a camera with optical image stabilizer, but I didn’t find that in combination with H.264 mp4 format.

    • I would still recommend the Xacti HD1000 or HD2000 series. Don’t bother finding optical stabilizers for video cameras, it’s not useful most of the time.

      You should be watching out for video quality etc. I chose the HD1000 because of mic-in (which ironically I don’t use anymore), mp4 and HD recording. Things like stabiliser for moving pictures should be solved by camera holding techniques or tripods.

  • Dennis

    Thank you Daniel, you help is much appreciated. I will order my HD2000 now 🙂

  • Dennis

    Oh, one last question:

    Supposedly the zoom is difficult to adjust slowly. VPC-FH1 has another zoom control, do you know if that is easier to use ? or is it no problem after you get used to the HD2000 ?

    The FH1 has no mic input, but is that the only difference, and do you find it easier to hold the HD2000 than the normal form factor of FH1, Cannons etc. ?

    • Hey Dennis, I’m not familiar with any of the models you mention actually… I only have the HD1000, and the zoom on mine is fixed speed (2 speeds only, fast or slow). I’m not sure if they changed that in newer models. I know they fixed the auto focusing issues though.

      The HD1000 and 2000 series form factor is really great. It feels great in my hand and it’s very natural for me as you no longer have to force your hand to bend backwards. The shape makes it fit perfectly in my bag pack’s side pocket too, so I actually have it with me all the time.

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