First Look: Samsung i7500 Android (HD Video)

Tech65’s Chief Editor, Daniel Tsou, gets a first look at the Samsung i7500 Android smartphone. Take a look at this video clip to view in its entirety. Do note that we were not given any information regarding the phone at all, thus most of the specs during recording are a result of guess-work. Any mistakes in the specs that we discover are corrected in the video’s annotations.

As always, email us at gear65 [at] tech65 [dot] org any questions you would like us to answer regarding this device on Gear65. Or better yet! Come join us this Saturday morning from 11am at Geek Terminal for our live recordings of our shows!

This video was captured on the 44th level of The Sail @ Marina Bay; at a bloggers’ event organised by 24Seven.

Update: The video is now on Engadget, Gizmodo and BoyGeniusReport! Thanks everyone! Especially to 24Seven and Samsung Singapore!!

  • dk

    Is the MicroSD card hot-swappable?

    Daniel: You need to work on your virtual keyboard typing skill. 😛

    • Yep, it is. The SD card slot lifts up, so you don’t need to remove the battery.

  • Haekon

    What will be the price be and when will it launch in Singapore (or any other Asian countries)?

    Oh, and what about the video capabilities (resolution and frame rate)?

    • We’re not sure about the price and launch date of the device for any country actually. I took some video clips using the phone, so I’ll analyse the clips and report back.

  • T Smith

    What about battery life? Will it come with multi-touch enabled?

    • We only played with it for about an hour, so we certainly couldn’t find out the battery life. The guys and Samsung wouldn’t tell us anything about the phone and would only let us find out for ourselves.

      As for multi-touch, I can tell you that the hardware is enabled, but as of now, Android has no multi-touch features. Some hackers have managed to write apps that uses multi-touch, but non are official.

  • Hi!
    I’m Giuseppe from Italy.
    When this telephone arrive in italy and in the other countries of Europe?


    • According to some articles online and on, it should arrive in Europe in June. That could mean anything from June 1st to June 30th though.

  • thank you daniel 😉

  • kit

    is the software finalize for this phone? samsung is not gonna do anything ontop of the existing android? this software doesn’t seemed to be the latest.. or am i wrong? hmmm,.. i really can’t wait to see this in singapore!

    • As mentioned in the video, the software on that phone is not finalised. Many things like drivers weren’t ready yet on that particular unit. I don’t think they will change much on this particular model though. They might make significant customisations on their next Android phone though.

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  • Great review! Very exited about the unit, looking through a release here in Argentina! Two things tho:

    1. Slow down!
    2. Get a nail cut! This is really disgusting from some reviewers, in any touchphone review we are doomed to see the reporter’s fingers and usually, with its nasty long fingers!


    • Haha, thanks for your kind comments. This opportunity did come just like that, so I had to be fast because I didn’t have much time with it, and I wanted to get as much info across as possible. Yes, I realised about my nails, cut it the very next day 😛

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  • Haekon

    Oh, and the camera is 5mp, not 3.2mp as you pointed out in your video.

    –> have you analyzed the videos you took with I7500? Is it VGA@30fps? (hopefully!!!!)

    • Yep. I annotated that on the video already as well. The videos? I have a feeling it’s because it’s just a vanilla installation of Android at that point, and wasn’t made to take advantage of the hardware yet.

      It recorded video at an awesome: *drum roll*

      320 by 240 at 8 (yes EIGHT) frames per second!! In 3GP format, no less!!

      I know… disappointing. Especially given a 5MP camera. I hope they don’t leave that in the production model though, it’s certainly capable of more.

      Oh, but I do have to mention that I didn’t check to see the options available for video, another thing I forgot again (I only had 1 hour…)

      • I have a feeling that might have been a MMS friendly mode, and there might be a high quality mode too. Samsung, the experts in mobile phone cameras, would be too ashamed to release a phone that can only record at that quality.

  • Jokin

    It uses a propietary usb connector? sufficient reason to don’t even think in it.

    • Haekon

      It uses standard micro USB. This is one thing I know 100% of. This was stated in official press release.

    • Yep. I mentioned that in the video too. Standard microUSB

  • Haekon

    Oh, sorry for double posting, but,

    how heavy/light did I7500 feel on your hand?
    The weight was not revealed in the specifications, so was just very curious. Can you describe e.g. “I7500 felt less heavy than my XXX.” ?
    Could you know how many RAM it had?

    • Man, the list of things I realised I missed out are piling up 😛

      It didn’t feel heavy enough for me to think about the weight, if that helps… And I’m not sure about the RAM neither, sorry…

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  • NTT

    @Haekon and @Jokin.

    It is indeed the standard micro-USB adapter..

  • lash0011

    Hi, does this offer T9 predictive keyboard option rather than qwerty.

    • I’d love that too, and makes total sense for them to have it, but as far as I know, it wasn’t available. That could certainly change though.

  • Congratulations for the video!!! And thanks a lot for sharing it with us. I’m guessing this won’t be the only Samsung Android-based phone. Did you have any official word about their upcoming cellphones? Any more Android cellphone on the horizon? I love i7500. I wish they allow the multitouch use in many apps.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Diego!

      No, I don’t have any info on any more of their upcoming Android cellphones. I did get a chance to play with their upcoming touchwiz phones though, but they’re not too mind blowing.

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  • Dani


    One question… this mobile has digital compass???


    • That’s a very good question. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell without a specs sheet or software, so I couldn’t tell at that point of time.

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  • George

    2 questions from someone new to Android:
    What navigation solution is there for this (these) phone(s)? Google maps is good but is there a voice that guides you too? Does that cost extra?
    And is there an offline version of wikipedia for Android? This is the killer application for my S60 (at least in German you can install wikipedia on your SD-card).

    • Hi there, because Android is still relatively new, there aren’t any navigation solutions just yet. At least not that I know of. You can’t use Google Maps for navigation, only for reference, as Google does not allow anyone to use their maps for turn by turn navigation.

      You can try to check this website to find out if there are any other existing navigation software or offline versions of wikipedia available for Android.

      • George

        Thanks Daniel!

  • Nice work man, big thanks!

  • Robin

    Firstly, navigation: I use AndNav2 on my HTC Dream. It is a free Android GPS navigation app, complete with maps and voice navigation.

    Secondly: Digital compass: That is a really important point. I would not get an Android phone without a digital com[ass, loads of apps make use of it!

    Third: This phone is amazing in almost every way, but the 128 mb of RAM are shocking!

    Thanks for the great video, btw…

  • windsor

    There is GPS. There is a leak official video of this phone in itay samsung somewhere in youtube.

  • Reveller

    Join the “Samsung Omnia HD + Android” Facebook group to show support for the move to Android:

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