Gear65 #20 - Sony Ericsson W705 with PlayNow Plus
More free legal music download options in Singapore as Sony Ericsson and Singtel introduce PlayNow Plus, a worthy competitor to Nokia’s service provider independent Comes With Music, is introduced with the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, the W705. On the 20th episode of Gear65, the weekly gadget show!
  • Gallant

    Hello, is it true that you can keep 200 songs at the end of 12 months, with are of much better quality and DCM free?

    • Yes, in MP3 format. And it’s the top 200 most played tracks.

  • Gallant

    sorry, i mean DRM.

  • Sony Ericsson W705 offers the WiFi but missed the GPS. The surface seems not well built even though its surface is metal finished. The W705 has typical Sony Ericsson design – three round pad below the screen, but the numerical keypad has Samsung slider feeling. We hope innovative design on Walkman series, just like the T707 flip rainbow. BTW, it seems to have larger screen than many other Sony Ericsson phones, which is a great progress.

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