Acer launch new Smart Handhelds in Singapore

Acer launched 5 new Smart Handhelds (or Smartphones) last Wednesday morning. Being a morning event, there are only 3 bloggers present at the event. The rest either working or still sleeping. Anyway, the 5 models being launch at the press conference are Acer DX650, DX900, X960, M900 and F900.


The DX650 is a dual sided phone. On 1 side is a 2.8 inch touch screen like most smartphones. The other side is like a candybar phone with a 1.27 inch OLED screen. This is a unique design targeted at first time Smartphone users. THe DX650 will retail at S$599.


DX900 is a dual-SIM window mobile smartphone. Dual-SIM is great for business users. You can have one business SIM card and one personal SIM card on 1 phone. Or when traveling oversea, you can have one local SIM card and one home SIM card. The DX900 will retail at S$799.


X960 is a 2.8 inch VGA touchscreen smartphone. It will retail at S$699.


M900 is a 3.8 inch WVGA touchscreen smartphone with a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. It also has a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the phone and accessing a private folder. The M900 will be available in the market from May 09.


F900 is a 3.8 inch WVGA touchscreen smartphone. It will be available in the market from May 09.

If you notice, nowadays, phone hardware are more or less similar. The thing that sets them apart is the user interface. All 5 new model uses Windows Mobile 6.1. DX650 and DX900 uses Spb Mobile Shell v2.1 interface while X960, M900 and F900 uses Acer Shell v2.0 interface.

I did a brief walkthru on the interface for both Spb Mobile Shell v2.1 and Acer Shell v2.0.

Spb Shell v2.1 interface on Acer DX900

It is strange that Acer is using Spb Shell v2.1 instead of the latest v3.0. Nevertheless, the Spb shell is pretty responsive.

Acer Shell v2.0 on Acer F900

The Acer Shell v2.0 reminds me of Android and TouchFLO combined. Like the Spb Shell, its also pretty responsive.

Many thanks to Andrew from ICON International and Acer for the invite.

  • Ryan Wong

    Hi, can you tell me where to buy the ACER smartphone in Singapore?

    Name and address contact of the dealers in Singapore where I can approach them for details.

    Thanks and Best regards,

    Ryan Wong

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