Gear65 #18 - X-Mini 2 by XM-I

The X-Mini 2, the next generation of the ultra-tiny speakers with ultra-huge sound that caught so much attention, is here! We finally get to play with not one, but four of these highly-anticipated speakers designed by local company XM-I, and share with you why we, and the people we show these speakers to, love them so much!

Links: XM-I

  • Someone please march daniel off to a hairdresser RIGHT. THIS. SECOND. I beg you… Please…

  • Haha… Already been there… This video was taken a few weeks ago…

  • Nick

    Very charming presentation, interesting and funny! THX

    But please, you said the batteries life time is 3 times longer – but how long is it in minutes?
    Which kind are the accumulators and can I change them?

    • Oops… Missed that out… It’s up to 11 hours (almost 3 times)

    • Oops… Missed that out… It’s up to 11 hours (almost 3 times). You charge using a USB port, i.e. connect it to your computer or purchase a USB charger.

  • Nick

    Thank you for the feedback!

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  • The X-mini two was greeted in Nigeria with so much oow!!!
    It is really facitating the market and everyone thinks, this is the best thing that has happened to portable digital/audio deviice.
    Well done the Xmi team.Just keep the flag flying, we sgall be with you all the way and you can be sure that Nigerians love your good works.
    Abraham,Xmi Nigerian ambassador

    • How can I purchase the xmini in Nigeria? I had one before given to me by someone but a friend took it away.

  • David

    Is it possible to make stereo sounds with 2nd generation xmi with buddy-jack? or will there be a stereo version coming out?

    • They have an X-mini Max (Check out episode 12 of Gear65) which is a stereo version. That means that they should be working on a X-mini Max “2” as well.

  • Rick roll me for what? >:(

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