The new Fujitsu Premium Care Centre

Daniel and I were invited to a tour at the new Fujitsu Premium Care Centre two weeks ago. The new Fujitsu Care Centre is located at Funan DigitaLife Mall #04-38.


At first sight, the Fujitsu Premium Care Centre looks almost identical to most Care Centre in Singapore. Like most service centre, you bring your faulty device in, take a queue number and wait patiently for your turn. There is a couple of desktop for customers to access the internet, a corner where they showcase their newest product and some drinks. Everything looks the same, until you see this huge glass window with the technician behind repairing a laptop. Yes, that is most likely the guy who is repair your faulty laptop.

It’s an interesting concept that allows customers to witness how their device is being serviced behind a glass window. I don’t know about others, but I always can’t help wondering if the technician will take good care of my devices when I send them for repair. Yes, they should and they will. But having a glass window for you to see the technician at work gives you the confidence that your laptop will be will taken care of.

We had access to the technician work area to take a closer look at what happen behind the scene after the counter staff takes over your device. Everything is very systematic at the service centre. Every laptop in the work area is tagged with the technician’s name for easy reference. There is a shelf for every stage in the repair process. From laptop on queue, waiting for parts, running diagnostic software and waiting for collection. Everything is organized in such a way that you can actually go in, point at any laptop and the technician can tell you straight away what they are doing with that laptop. And although its an “Open Repair Centre”, security is still their main priority. All laptop waiting for collections are locked in the shelf that can only be accessed thru employee card. In short, your laptop is in safe hands from the moment the counter staff takes it from you till the technician returns it to you.


The thing that catches my attention the most is the Fujitsu iCare Notebook Disposal Service. The service centre also acts as a collection centre for customers to dispose their old Fujitsu notebook and battery. Fujitsu will send these devices to a specialised processing facility for proper disposal. We all know that we shouldn’t throw battery into the dustbin. So if you have a old Fujitsu laptop or battery which you want to dispose, please send it to their service centre. I personally feel that all laptop manufacturers should do this too.

The Funan Fujitsu Care Centre is open daily from 10am to 7pm except on Wednesday where the operation hours is extended till 8pm to cater for the needs of working/schooling customers. Besides the Funan service centre, Fujitsu also has another service centre at 219 Henderson Road, #05-01.

Thanks to Sheena from The Right Spin and Keave from Fujitsu for the guided tour.

  • Rose

    Dear technician,
    I would like to make an enquiry regarding to my new laptop – Fujitsu M1010. I have difficulty in removing the battery that attached in my Fujitsu laptop. Is it a common problem with the rest of the Fujitsu laptop model? May I ask if you have any solution to counter my problem?

    Appreciate if you can reply me as soon as possible as this problem has been bothering me for few months. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    – Rose

    • Hi Rose,
      I think you got mistaken, We’re not Fujitsu technicians, but tech journalists that were invited to Fujitsu’s new service centre.

      Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about Fujitsu laptops when it comes to repairing or troubleshooting problems, and so we don’t know the exact solution to that particular problem as we’ve never had a chance to play with that particular model before so we don’t know what’s that laptop like.

      You can contact Fujitsu technical support from this website though:

      Or call them at their Technical Helpdesk (Singapore): (65) 62720088

      Or of course, if You’re in Singapore, you can drop by their new service centre at Funan the IT mall, level 4, unit #04-38

      Sorry for the misunderstanding!

      – Daniel

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