65Bits Episode 115 : The one with ReFresh!!

From this week, our show will begin with a brand new segment, Refresh, where we will quickly report some of the happenings in the tech world this week, things like new gadgets etc. After that we will continue with the traditional 65bits, where we discuss stories and topics in the tech industry. Of course, we will continue to end 65bits with the Byte of the Week. Of course, as always, you can jump between these segments by refering to the shownotes on Tech65.org, and follow along the stories we are talking about by clicking on the links. Hope this new format will bring you more relevant and focused content to you. Don’t forget to give us your feedback by writing to us at 65bit {at} tech65.org

-NTT, Dan and DK

[1:55]Google unwraps Cupcake, announces preview of Android 1.5

[2:55]Samsung Singapore introduces 50, 70 and LD Series LCD monitors

[4:10]Sony Ericsson says no Android phone anytime soon

[4:40]HTC Diamond 2 and HTC Pro 2 announced for Singapore

[5:25]Sony lauches Walkman W-series

[6:20]Pirate Bay loses trial for now

[17:50]Mobile Telephone Plans. – Dad hammers Wyo. teen’s phone after mega-bill

Byte of the week
[29:30]1. Programmer’s Notepad (on Windows)

[33:00]2. TextWrangler (for OS X)

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