Gear65 #17 - Sony Ericsson CyberShot C510
In today’s economy, what’s the best thing a phone company can do? Come up with a budget phone with enough features to not make it appear like something that came out from the late 1990s of course. The C510 appears to target that market, with that same, if-it’s-not-broken-don’t-fix-it user interface that’s been around since 2005, but paired with a FaceBook application and a CyberShot brand for its camera.
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  • PJ Sim

    Great product in times of economic recession. Not everyone is willing to splurge on iPhones & Xperias.

    Btw, i think you meant the Nokia N82 NOT N85 for having built-in Xenon Flash.

  • I always thought the N85 or N96 had xenon. Guess I was wrong. N82 is right.

  • Sony Ericsson is the best!!!

  • Cann’t agree with you more. The Sony Ericsson C510 is one of Sony Ericsson’s new lineups to cope with the world-wide financial crisis. It is a budget phone indeeds, which is targeted at the mid-range market. But it could never be mentioned as the same one with the mobile phones came out from the late 1990s of course. As it comes with a decent 3.2MP camera. As we know, the Cyber-Shot series mobile phones released by SE will never let you down.

  • I have always believe in SE phones. I just got a new c510 last week as a birthday gift for myself. So far so goooodd….

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