Twitter worm Mikeyy on the loose

There is a twitter worm call “mikeyy” on the loose now. Wow, I didn’t know that twitter can have worm too. I only knew about it when I caught the worm on my twitter account. Apparently, you will catch this worm if you browse an infected person’s profile page.

How to know if you caught the Mikeyy worm:
Your twitter background changed to white.
Your profile name has been changed to some long script.
Your web url has been changed

Infected accounts will tweet one/some of the following messages:
Mikeyy I am done…
MikeyyMikeyy is done..
Twitter please fix this, regards Mikeyy
Man, Twitter can’t fix sh*t. Mikeyy owns.
Dude, Mikeyy is the sh*t!
Twitter should really fix this…

Currently, there isn’t any signs that this worm will do any damages other than posting nuisance message on your twitter account. Nevertheless, you should remove it once you suspect that you caught the worm.

How To Remove the Mikeyy worm:
In your settings/account page, delete anything suspicious that you did not add yourself. (Usually in the Name, URL and location fields)
Go to settings/design and change your Twitter page design.
You might want to consider deleting the tweets that Mikeyy added.

Let me know if these steps doesn’t work for you. There are some websites that suggest turning off javascript, but I managed to remove mine without turning off javascript.

Check out twitter’s blog for more updates.

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