65Bits Episode 114 : Stuck in the rain at Maxwell

Leaving their usual abode at Geek Terminal, the crew hangs out at the Pacific Coffee Company at the Red Dot Traffic (Maxwell Road), oggling at gear, talking about the internet, technology and doing in-general geeky things, all while indulging in great coffee. This week they talk about the podcast “Chasing the Storm”, GoThere.sg, Microsoft, Facebook, Palm WebOS, Intel and Handbreak Handbrake..


-NTT, Dan, DK and a bit of Fari.

[03:15] Tech65 mentioned on Chasing The Storm podcast.

[16:20] GoThere.sg’s lucky draw contest.

[22:10] Facebook’s new user interface.

[28:10] Microsoft’s new ad campaign.

[35:00] Palm Pre, and the Palm WebOS.

[41:50] Intel misleading consumers about netbook.

[] Byte of the week:Handbrake DVD to MPEG converter.

  • Hey Guys,
    Thanks a lot for the responses- both on voice and as comments on the site. Hey Daniel- you remember Micro-influencers! Thanks for the mention. I wrote an article on that recently and you will see that article on iMediaConnection tomorrow. There are some more concepts- will discuss later.
    The discussion certainly leaves me a wee bit more enriched, though I’d like to clarify some points:

    1) I am a little more than an ‘Internet Marketer’ (a term that people mostly reserve for get-rich-quick professionals). A brief background: I have spent about a decade in the advertising/media/marketing industry, and in my previous assignments have been Regional Director for Asia Pacific for a global Media Agency. Prior to that I was the Managing Director at Havas Digital SEA and set up the company Media Contacts in Singapore and Malaysia.Before that, I have helped set up some ground breaking innovative companies.
    I have set up the Digital Marketing infrastructure of companies like Dell in South East Asia and promoted brands like Incredible India globally. Apart from this, have judged the Singapore Advertising Hall of Fame awards and have spoken and moderated at many a global events on all sorts of topics specially the Digital revolution.

    I hope this sets me a bit different than the Internet marketers and PR people that you mentioned.

    2)I mentioned in my podcast that it was not as straightforward to measure the present day micro media – specially audio content. Of course measuring subscribers would be the easiest and most ‘common sensical’ thing to do, but the current dynamics make that impossible. The very reason that you can’t know the subscribers to a podcast is why all the analysis was needed. Try doing that to 50 podcasts that don’t publish their numbers and those that have no audit system- and probably you will appreciate my proxy criterion. It is better to set *some* criterion than throw hands up in the air and grieve about the complexities. If nothing else, it brings respect to passionate people like yourselves get what you deserve.

    3)I heard you mention I used Alexa as one of the metrics? I never used Alexa as one of the parameters – a clarification to note here. My analysis is clear- and I’ll use that for others as well- Blog Buzz, Google Authority, Buzz within your site (another fundamental difference between a podcast and radio show- apart from time shiftability). There were other criterion like frequency of posts and time of the podcast- both of them as just observations and not as judgmental metrics- unless they become extremely skewed (one post every three months or one podcast episode of 3 hours etc). I also analyzed on the quality aspect – look and feel and the content within the podcast. I will try to figure out a way to know Podcast syndication services numbers as well. As I already clarified- not fool proof but not bad for a start. Welcomed other suggestions on the site.

    4) The duration is subjective – and we do need some audit firm to audit consumer behavior on how they really consume podcasts (in Asia specifically)- it might not be as straightforward as it seems- and then again- maybe it is.The fact is when it comes to marketing, Assumption can make an Ass of U and Me- to borrow an old cliche.

    5) It does not matter for what purpose a domain is being used or when did the ‘real’ use of the domain start. If your domain is aged and is booked for a longer length of time, Google has been known to reward such domains. Not a detrimental factor, but one widely accepted.

    6)You guys seem to be taking my monetization proposition to heart:) The thing was not like I wanted to cause any ‘pity’ as an ‘Internet Marketer’ on Tech65 not making any money. The entire thing about monetization was meant to be as a message to the industry as a whole- start putting metrics in place- and reward good content. Also, good content getting monetized is a stamp reaffirming their potential and influence. Good for overall UGC and industry and the hence the audience. It is great if you do this for passion- which is a respectable thing and hats off to you for that. Just that for many passionate folks the scale and longevity *might* be compromised. Ask all the kids who have a band in college. Jimmy quits and Judy gets married.
    Again- if you do have some advertisers- please pass them on to me.I have no issues using my passion to get me some dough :p

    Lastly I would definitely love to have you guys on Chasing The Storm podcast (not very original but too many names are not good for Branding/recognition)- the only thing is that the newness of creating voice content is quite overwhelming. Specially you being as technically good as you are makes me a bit nervous. But a great idea neverthless- always happy to collaborate.
    Cheers and keep posting

  • With regards to the Intel netbook article, basically they are just doing this because netbooks are cannibalising their notebook sales. Netbooks can all play HD videos even the older Asus 701 can play it. Here are just a a couple of videos showing the HD playback on these netbooks. There are some catches such as not being able to play back Flash HD video, due to the fact that flash playback uses the CPU. This is also mentioned with the new Aspire Revo (Engadget reference to “choking on Hulu”, read comments for further details) that has NVIDIA’s ion platform which can enable netbooks to play DirectX 10 games and HD playback (if playback uses the GPU)

    Also in response to NTT’s comment about SUPER, you do NOT have to manually change the settings to convert video/audio. They are even drop down presets for the ipod/iphone/PSP/DS/PS3 among others. Typically you just drag your files, select your settings and convert thats it. Don’t be spreading incorrect information just like the Intel netbook argument.

    • @NTT Ouch…

      @TheWheat Actually playing HD video on a netbook depends on many factors. Based on our own tests, playing H.264 720p videos using quicktime (the default player for mp4 files on most computers) really lagged, though it was a lot smoother on VLC. I guess the video player itself makes quite a big difference.

  • @Daniel yeah I would guess so too. H.264 is CPU intensive so it’s not surprising that it lags I guess. Did you configure VLC to use hardware acceleration? I’m not sure if that’s on by default. You could also try CoreAVC which seems to be widely recommended. You guys can try it out with the Aspire One I asked NTT to pick up for me so I can finally have a netbook when I get to Singapore next week =D

  • NTT


    Why so personal?? Hahah..

    When I last used Super I remember getting totally confused. Spening 6-7 hrs on a transcoding which didn’t work, and a menu which scared the hell out of me. So yea.. Maybe it does have presets, and it’s more efficient than anything else. But it’s a pain to use. And hence I wouldn’t still recommend it to anyone.. Why bother?

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