Gear65 #16 - Lenovo Ideapad Y650

Today, we take a look at the first 16" notebook we've come across. This portable (as in, you can carry it around portable, not netbook portable) home-theatre-centric machine is, after the Intel Core i7 rig, the biggest machine we've featured on Gear65.

Link: Lenovo Ideapad Y650

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  • ssumin

    Thanks for this and nice review again guys – I always feel like I learn something about what to look out for in terms of function when I watch your podcast.

    To address the point about weight, wanted to highlight that the Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 is in fact one of the thinnest and lightest 16-inch laptops, weighing less than many 15-inch laptops too. So it’s a good balance between screen size, weight and affordability. Like you said, it’s definitely worth its weight (pardon the pun!) as a multimedia/ home theatre machine, with the 16″ screen, JBL speakers, discrete graphics card.

    But definitely fair points raised, like the heat escaping from the bottom. Not good for the lap on a prolonged basis!

  • taz

    maybe u guys can comment abit on the keyboard feel
    think most consumer look at this when getting a laptop
    i’ve tried this laptop awhile (for juz a while) & i don’t like the keyboard, the keys pressed feel kinda weird & cheap. i find the S10 keyboard better than this y650

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