XM-I X-Mini 2 Unbox (HD Video)

Today we unbox the highly anticipated X-Mini 2, the next generation of the popular X-Mini designed and conceptualised in Singapore. We got ourselves serveral of these units, and are going to test them out during the weekend to see what happens when we combine them! Hehehe…

Check out our Gear65 episode about the X-Mini Max!

  • If many of us own one each, every time we gather, we can do an audio blast party with these! Looking very good! Test! Test!

  • That sounds like an awesome idea!!

  • NTT

    Hehe.. You guys better be carefull with so many X-Mini2s.. More than 2 will be Very very loud!!..

  • In my impatience I got the original X-Mini about a week ago. Oh well.. Know anywhere I could get replacement cable just in case? The old cables look so fragile and I rather get a backup cable just in case

  • dk

    NTT: I’m thinking of connecting all 5 review units that we have and blast them this Saturday at Geek Terminal. Bring your fave techno songs along.

    (OK, we should get the sound proof room)

  • @TheWheat The XMI guys mentioned the last time I met them (that was like more than half a year ago) that they didn’t have spares for sale… Can’t remember if they were gonna start producing. In any case, I think it’ll be hard to find.

    You know, all we have to do is have 20 geeks (not hard if we make it a point), then use a splitter to make a 10×2 config. Then just play the THX signature sound.

    We’ll know if the venue uses cheap thin glass. O how embarrassing (for them, cos I know we won’t care. Actually we’ll more likely take videos/pictures of the sound-broken glass and gleefully blog about it).

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