65Bits Episode 113: April Fools Gallore!

Are you afraid when you see 1st April on the calendar? Do you dread having to go through the multitude of lame April Fools jokes? Do you just hate it when your feeds are full of stories that you can never believe? Do you get mad when your favourite podcasts waste you time by pulling a boring April Fools prank??

Fret not!! Tech65 crew comes to the rescue by dedicating this week’s 65Bits to April Fool’s jokes on the web. Enjoy!

-NTT, Dan, DK and Nicole

[2:30] Classic April Fools, Gmail launches with 1GB storage in 2004

[3:30] Google Hoaxes

[3:55] Google CADIE

[4:30] Gmail AutoPilot

[6:55] YouTube’s Homepage

[7:50] gBall

[8:55] Google Analytics

[9:15] Google Chrome 3D

[9:30] Google Maps powered by CADIE

[10:50] New Ogre race in WoW

[11:00] Terra-tron in Starcraft II

[13:20] World of Warcraft’s Dance Battle System

[15:00] Diablo III’s Archivist Class

[15:10] Microsoft Alpine Legends

[16:10] BMW’s magnetic Tow Technology

[17:30] Warner Bro’s buys over Pirate Bay

[17:45] Reddit.com looks like Digg

[18:35] Systm’s Episode on Human Power Hamster Wheels to charge laptops.

[19:25] Scam School’s Scam

[20:05] Bugmenot.com requires registration.

[20:35] The Guardian goes Twitter only

[21:15] Hak5 Goes 80s

[22:10] Microsoft to launch Windows 7 in just 1 version

[22:25] SaveIE6.com

[22:30] Blackberry Storm to be discountinued

[23:10] Kodak’s camera’s attach to you specs.

[23:45] Woopra allows you to see your web visitors.

[24:40] Wikipedia has many hoax stories on the frontpage

[25:55] Byte of the Week #1: Opera Face Gestures

[29:25] Byte of the Week #2: April Fools Jokes

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