65Bits Episode 112: The Quietest Cafe in Singapore

In the continuation of tech news draught that seems to be happening more often this year, we find ourselves sitting at the location where we recorded our very first out-door 65bits (How did we ever manage to talk for less than twenty minutes back then!?).

In summary, Fujitsu has a new service centre, HP has a new budget ultra portable, Singapore has a new rank to show-off, Windows has a new ad and Farinelli has a new feature in Gmail he totally should start using.

A great time to just talk about stuff that isn’t news?

– Daniel and DK

Stories this week:

[02:20] New Fujitsu service centre
[05:00] HP’s new Pavilion DV2 budget ultra portable
[09:10] Games Developers’ Conference 2009
– [10:00] OnLive – Cloud gaming console
[14:05] Singapore 4th most networked country… Yawn…

Let’s talk about Tech
[14:50] Windows Vista – Now no longer a technical failure but a PR failure?
Microsoft’s latest “I’m a PC” ad
[22:50] Samsung TouchWiz UI (P.s. When I said “confirmed”, I really meant “convinced”)

[29:10] Byte of the week! Wait, let’s talk about Facebook first
[31:55] Byte of the Week: Gmail Labs: Undo send!

  • I really couldn’t replicate your smooth Bluetooth experience with Vista. Perhaps it’s just that you have an older phone whose drivers are included in Vista. I’m using a Nokia E51 on an updated Vista box (SP1 + further patches). But I guess that is the story with drivers on a whole. If you have them everything works hunky dory, otherwise good luck to you

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