Gear65 #14 - Sony Vaio P

We finally get our hands on Sony’s ultra-portable net *cough* I mean, notbook (that’s not a typo. If Sony says it’s not a netbook, then it’s a NOTbook), the sexy Vaio P, ever since their official launch a few months ago.

There’s just so much to say about it that even this video doesn’t cover enough of the result of Sony’s decision to use Windows Vista and to fill it with value-adding software. And it’s actually surprisingly positive!

In summary: As long as you use the Vaio P strictly for getting online on the go by giving you access to your information in the cloud, or for music playback, you shouldn’t experience too much lag. Still, if I had a choice, I’d choose to have Windows XP, but that would cause you to lose the Vaio apps pre-installed on the machine, which actually are pretty useful, especially when it comes to quickly changing settings.

Plus the instant-on mode is a really awesome feature that all netbooks should have.

The price is going to turn a lot of people off though. No matter how small and cool looking it is.

Read on for a look at the Instant-On mode on the Vaio P

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