Gear65 #11 - HTC Touch HD

A Windows Mobile phone that’s actually awesome? Is that possible? The HTC Touch HD might actually be that phone! Find out why Daniel keeps thinking that the TouchFlo3D user interface should be a standard in Windows Mobile phones, and how it lets us forget about the fact that there’s actually nothing HD about the Touch HD (strictly speaking). This phone isn’t perfect though, and we’re not gonna let its flaws just pass by!

Oh, and this is going to be a long video, but that’s just because this is such an awesome phone, especially if you have been using Windows Mobile phones for a while!

Links: HTC Touch HD, Touch Pro2, Touch Diamond2

Follow up on video: The Touch HD still has the largest (3.8″) display among any HTC phone today, with the Touch Pro 2 at 3.6″ and the Diamond2 only at 3.2″.

  • eric yu

    do you know why the htc touch hd receive mms picture or video is so small, its not full screen, just a 7k picture and less than 1 inch by one inch side of the picture, can you reply to my e mail ?



  • Hi Eric,
    I don’t get MMSes myself, so I can’t be sure, but I believe there are two possible reasons for that problem:

    1. The limitation of the phone that is sending the MMS to you. The phone that sent that MMS might be shrinking the photos and videos to that size to save space when sending them. Also, since the photos are small, and the display of the Touch HD is so high-resolution, the result is a really tiny photo on the Touch HD. (That same photo displaying on a small-screened traditional mobile phone with low-resolution makes the photo appear very big).

    2. MMS’s limitations of size when it comes to sending photos per MMS might be too small to send any high-resolution photos. The only way to send high resolution photos and videos to another phone is via email, and that’s the reason why Apple never even bothered to allow MMS in an iPhone.

    Unless your MMSes recieved on other phones coming from the same phone are significantly larger than that 7KB you were mentioning, I don’t believe it’s anything to do with the Touch HD, but because MMS as a technology is just too old for a phone with such a high density display.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • great review. I totally ignored windows mobile phones up till now, even those with “skins” because none of them really provided a comprehensive enough solution, but this is amazing stuff.

  • @brandon Yea, that’s what I thought about Windows Mobile phones too until this guy came along!

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  • post

    the USB port is not really propriatary. you still can use your mini usb cables…

  • wurronshi

    i saw your video. Is good & explane all in detail!
    i m now considering to buy HTC HD or HTC Diamond 2.
    So similer spec, confuse me….
    If u hav a video compare HD & Diamond 2, that cool!
    May i ask for comment to choose buy HD or Diamond 2??


    • The only difference between the HD and the Diamond 2 is that the HD has a larger screen while the Diamond 2 has much newer (better) software. I’d recommend the Diamond2 cos it has newer features and is upgradable to Windows Mobile 6.5.

    • By the way, I’m not sure if you know that there’s an episode on the Diamond2 on our website too.

  • Keith

    Hi daniel, great review on both touch HD and diamond 2 i must say. i’m thinking through these 2 phones now and came up with some enquiries that i hope you will be able to answer. is it a great disadvantage that diamond 2 has got no 3.5mm headphone jack compare to touch HD? what video formats does touch HD supports? lastly, does the opera browser supports flash etc? hope to hear from you soon. Thanks daniel for the reviews!

    • Hi Keith, thanks for your comment!

      1. No, it’s not a huge disadvantage. The USB to 3.5mm adapter is really cheap, especially if you buy a 3rd party adapter, and although it’s an inconvenience it shouldn’t make you hate the phone.

      2. I honestly don’t remember what video formats the Touch HD supports, sorry about that.

      3. No, the Opera browser doesn’t support flash yet. In any case, flash on phones today still isn’t ready and isn’t an experience worth using yet.

  • Deepak

    Hi Daniel,
    I would like to know whether Touch HD can be upgraged to similar improved software as Touch diamond 2 have right now. Also whether it is possible to upgrade Touch HD from 6.1 wm to 6.5 wm as HTC is giving offer of free upgrade from 6.1 to 6.5.


    • No, sorry, unfortunately, that’s not possible. Officially at least. You can try the XDA forums though, someone might have come up with a way to hack the Touch HD to have all that.

  • hairi

    i would just want to ask you a question daniel. Which hp is the best? satio? samsung omnia 2? htc hd2? samsung i8910 hd?

  • hairi

    Btw,you really have a good review on all the handphones… Ure the best man!!!

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