65Bits Episode 109 : Live from Central..

After attending the launch of the Nokia’s 5800 and Comes with Music in Singapore, Daniel and NTT head down to a local Starbucks to quickly talk about what’s going on in the world of Tech. They talk about Blogout, and the Nokia’s new Services ad Phones, and then end up digressing into how cellphones work :S. And finally, Daniel shows off his old iPod with Rockbox, an Open Source Jukebox Firmware..

-Daniel and NTT

[1:05]TDM’s Event Blogout 2009
– [4:42]Sweetcron
– [13:10]Register for Blogout here

[13:50]Nokia Launches Comes with Music service in Singapore

[27:00]Nokia launches the 5800 Express Music phone in Singapore

[32:20]How cellphone work.

[38:00]Byte of the Week : Rockbox

NTT is our Indian podcaster *Tech65 is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome people of all creeds, orientations, Operating Systems* NTT brings with him a knowledge of things Podcast, and things Tech and once in a while even gives us free publicity with which we are immensely grateful for! NTT also brings to this podcast facial hair, which our Chinese podcasters are sorely lacking in. Email NTT at: ntt at tech65 dot org or visit his blog
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