Nokia Comes With Music event (HD Videos)

NTT, Nicole, DK and I attended the Nokia Comes With Music launch event held at the Velvet Underground last Friday and here were some of the highlights from the event. If you don’t know what Comes With Music is, it’s basically a subscription based service where you can get as much music as you want for a year, and subsequently just continue to pay a monthly fee to keep getting unlimited songs, or do what Nokia probably wants you to do: buy another Nokia phone that Comes With Music. Oh, and the best part is you get to keep your music even after you stop subscribing.

The catch? You can only hear it on your PC which you have registered with Nokia, and the Nokia Comes With Music phone you assigned. Still, I’m very sure there is quite a huge audience that wouldn’t mind these catches, and given the music today, you probably won’t listen to them again after a year. For the rest of us that want to listen to music on any device we want forever, we’ll either have to stick to CD ripping, or wait for a DRM-free music store to come.

In our opinion, this has been the best implementation of DRM so far, and we’re glad Singapore gets the best on its first try. Catch Episode 109 of 65bits to find out more, and read on for HD videos.

Nokia 5800 – Nokia’s first touch screen series 60 device.

Nokia Music Store with Comes With Music – I apologise for the difficulty to hear what he’s saying. The music there was really loud.

All American Rejects drop by the event to support Comes With Music.

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