The.Inbox #2 - Create Word documents to PDF?


This question was posed to me by a friend over the phone (don’t ask me for my number, that’s a privilege for a select few 😉 ) while I was attending an event with other bloggers and press, and so I asked everyone present for a recommendation and they gladly contributed to the answer.

Q: Is there a way to convert Word documents to a PDF document?

A: There are many free solutions out there to convert not just Word documents, but any document to PDFs.

If you’re using windows, you can try* or Both of these websites provide you with a free application that installs a virtual printer. All you have to do is to go to the document you wish to make a PDF out of, and print it as you normally would print a document. Except instead of the normal printer you usually print to, select the new PDF printer.

This means that you can convert practically anything into a PDF. As long as you can print it, you can convert it!

For Mac OS X users, the PDF printer is built into the Print dialog box. When you print a document, you can select the “PDF” button at the bottom left corner of the print dialog, and instead of printing the document on paper, you can create a PDF file right on the spot!


*Special thanks to Bill Claxton, who recommended PDF995 because he happened to be at the spot when this question was posed to me over the phone.

If you have a question to ask or a better answer to give, send them in to!

  • NTT

    On the Windows side of thing, I greatly recommend PrimoPDF, if you are allowed to install things on that Windows Box. It’s free, and really useful. I have used it for many years, for many types of documents and it’s rock solid.

    Check it out at

    It basically adds a “Printer” to your Print Menu. A little similar to the OSX was of doing things. If you select that printer (PrimoPDF), your document will be sent to Primo, and it will convert it for you into PDF. Works like a charm..

  • Hi, we use PrimoPDF as it has some features (like batch drag / drop and password protect) and it’s free too.

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  • Or there’s always open-source PDF creator.

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