The.Inbox #1 - HP Mini 1000?


On our first edition of The.Inbox, we share with you an email regarding the HP Mini 1000 that was featured previously on Gear65 and our reviews.


Hi Daniel,

It’s my first time visiting Tech65 and I’m glad that info provided was useful!

I’m interested in getting HP mini 1000. To be frank, I’m an IT idiot, so I’ll need your help with what additional features (accessories) to purchase on top of those that came together with the netbook. I simply need the netbook for email, surfing the net, youtubing, music, storing photos, DVD, MSN etc. What additional features and where do you advice I should purchase. Another quick question.. What is the retail price, and will it be the same if I buy it at a neighbourhood Harvey Norman and Funan IT mall?

Zhen Wei (Via email)


Hi Zhen Wei

1. Additional Features?

For additional features, the hp mini comes with what they call a 3-cell battery, which lets the computer to be used for up to around 3 hours on a full charge. If you find that too short, I would recommend you purchase the 6-cell battery when it is available. As of now, the chances are that it will cost about US$150. Also, the battery will protrude out at the bottom of the computer. So if the battery life is too short for you, you might want to take note of that. The battery should be available at HP resellers or on the HP online store when it’s out.

Also, you mentioned DVD. There isn’t any DVD drive in the HP mini, so if you want to watch DVDs on the HP mini, you would either have to buy an external drive (not recommended, I mean, if you have to carry so many accessories with you, it kinda defeats the purpose of buying such a small computer, right?), or convert your DVDs using another computer into a file you can play on your HP mini. If you want to know how to do that, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to teach you.

Other than these 2 points, I think you shouldn’t need any additional purchases with this netbook. The netbook is designed for email, surfing the net, youtubing, music, storing photos etc. Though I would like to add that if you are going to store a lot of music, photos and movies, you will run out of hard disk space soon, so don’t put too much of those in the netbook. If you want to expand the storage in your HP mini, though, you can purchase a 32GB SD card and slot it into the computer. Don’t buy the card unless you really need that extra capacity though.

2. Retail price, and difference between stores

The retail price in Singapore is S$799. The cost should be the same if you buy from any of those reputable shops. However, certain shops might be able to provide a longer warranty. I’m not sure if this applies to the HP mini, or if the shops that usually provide them even sell the HP mini, but I do know that Challenger and Best Denki provides 3 and 5 years of warranty. Not very clear about criteria neither, i.e. the need for a membership card or a certain credit card. So you might want to check that out.

Also, Asus just announced a new netbook called the EeePC 1000HE, and it uses the newer generation of Intel Atom processors (I think they’re one of the first to use it) which make it more efficient. This EeePC is able to last up to 9.5 hours in one charge. Not sure if it’s on sale in Singapore yet, but if battery is of concern, you might wanna check it out. Try searching for eeepc 1000he on Of course, the HP Mini 1000 is still the prettiest and most comfortable netbook around in my opinion, so if you feel that way too, 9.5 hours of battery life might not be something that you’ll care about.



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  • dk

    Apart from HP Mini 1000 and EeePC 1000HE, you might also want to check out Lenovo S10 which has similar specs as the HP Mini 1000.

    The biggest advantage that HP Mini 1000 has over the other netbooks out there is the keyboard. The HP Mini 1000 has the most comfortable keyboard among all the netbooks I’ve tested.

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