65Bits Episode 108 : Jingle Bells, Android Smells..

Christmas comes early this year with the Tech65 crew going crazy with toy bells and xylophones (courtesy of Text100.. hehe). On the stories front, it’s Mobile phones galore, as Daniel covers (and gets excited about ) announcements from Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft and other players in the comms business form the MWC. Not to piss of the Nationalists, we end of with some local news from Starhub and a few annoucements.

-Daniel, NTT, Hisham, Nicole and DK

[2:00] News from MWC
– [2:36] Nokia
– [8:24] Samsung
– [13:0]HTC : Touch Pro2; Touch Diamond; Magic
– [17:05]Windows Mobile 6.5 And why it can’t make it
– [22:10]Android

[26:00]Singtel Dream Launched in Singapore Tech65’s Live Blog

[35:30]Singapore’s the most Wired nation in the world

[37:50]Cisco’s Telepresence SystemHisham’s Video of the Demo.

[46:05]Barcamp Singapore 3

[48:20]NextBus – Bus Arrival Info in Singapore

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