Live blogging at Singtel HTC Dream Launch


315: We are now at the Singtel theaterette for the HTC Dream launch press conference held by Singtel, HTC and Google. They just opened the door for us to go in.

317: Event is starting. They turned off the lights. Can’t see my keyboard. Haha.


318: Singtel CEO Allen Lew is on the projector now. Looks a bit like 3D, maybe its my eyes playing tricks on me.

321: He is calling it the Singtel Dream.

322: The CEO of Singtel mobile, Mr Yuen Kuan Moon is on stage now.

323: Singtel will be launching Singapore centric Android software.

324: SG Mobile SavyShopper is one of the first few Singapore Centric Android software. You can use it to scan the barcode using the camera and search online to compare the prices elsewhere to make an informed decision.

326: Singtel is offering customer unlimited data download to HTC Dream customers for up to 6 months. (*For customer who buy the phone between 21 to 22 Feb 2009)

327: Google Managing Director for South East Asia is on stage now.

328: Singapore is an important country for Google. Google set up office 2 years ago.

329: Singapore is the first country in Asia to launch an Android powered phone.

331: A lady from HTC is now on stage. Sorry, can’t catch the name. (Palmface.)

335: HTC Dream is a dream come true for HTC. HTC values partnership with Singtel and Google.


336: HTC Dream is officially launched in Singapore. They are now showing us an ads for HTC Dream.


337: Oh… 2 beautiful models just walked down the hallway carrying the HTC Dream.

337: Product marketing manager for HTC, Melvin Chua is giving us a demo of the HTC Dream now.


339: He is showing us the homescreen now. HTC Dream gives you extended home screen beyond the screen width. (Slide left and right)

340: He is now showing us how to pull out application and put on the home screen.

341: MP3 features. A single long press allows you to search for lyrics or go to youtube page of the song.

342: HTC dream is a power communicator with qwerty keyboard.

342: Use Google map to get directions. Web browser allows you to browse internet. Can open up to 8 web pages.

345: Single long press on the browser allows you to send the link to your friend thru Gmail. Looking at Android market now.


346: Passing the stage to Singtel VP for product development, Ms Ying Lai Chang.

347: Talking about the SavyShopper apps again. Its a Singapore Centric software that lets you scan the barcode and goes to internet and fetch you a list of places where the product is sold and the prices for you to compare it.

348: There is another apps that allows you to watch mioTV on the HTC dream.

350: Another application call Foyage allows you to look for places and people nearby.

351: 3 more Singapore centric Android applications.
iToday to read Today online.
SG weather channel to check weather.
SG Buddy finder to find your friends using GPS and retrieve driving directions.

352: It’s the QnA session for the media now.


355: Initial release will just be Black HTC Dream. Singtel will see market demand before deciding on bringing in the white HTC Dream.

356: No comments on the expected sales target of HTC Dream.

357: SavyShopper database will be updated by Seng Siong supermarket. But Singtel is talking to other supermarket operator to join in.

358: Optus has already launched the HTC Dream last week. HTC Magic is not an upgrade to HTC Dream. Its another option for consumers.

359: Singtel will push Android updates to HTC Dream on a regular basis.

403: Pricing for HTC Dream (In SGD, 24mth contract, after $200 trade-in):
$238 with 3G iFlexi Lite plan ($39 per mth)
$138 with 3G Flexi plan ($56 per mth)
$38 with 3G Flexi Plus ($95 per mth)

Customers who sign up between 21 and 22 Feb will receive unlimited data download for 6 months. Customer who sign up thereafter will receive unlimited download for 1 month.

407: The phone is not SIM Lock. But you must purchase with a Singtel contract.

410: End of the session.


We managed to play with the HTC Dream briefly. Lots of handset going around for the member of the media to play with. The HTC Dream will be available at all Hello Shop and Singtel authorized distributors from tomorrow. (21 Feb 2009)

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