Samsung Post MWC09 Event in Singapore

Last night, DK, Nicole, Hisham and I attended Samsung’s Mobile World Conference 2009 event in Singapore at their flagship store in Vivo City, where they showed us some of the phones that were launched at the Mobile World Conference 2009 in Barcelona. In total they showed off 7 phones, namely their entry-level C3050, their Ultra B (for bar), Ultra S (for slider) and Ultra Touch (their top of the line model), their new music phones Beat DJ and Beat Disc, as well as their Omnia HD (first smart phone to do 720p video recording, and first non-Nokia phone on the Series60 touch screen platform after the Nokia 5800). Most of these models were prototypes or dummies, but it gave us a glimps of what to expect from Samsung.

The following are some photos and videos we took at the event.

Samsung Ultra Touch

A pretty slick phone with the usual powerful camera found on the Pixon. Running on the TouchWiz UI (I prefer to think it’s an OS) found on the Pixon, it is very similar with it in terms of specs, including the lack of WiFi, which continues to boggle the mind. There’s an interesting face recognition feature being shown off here similar to that found on iPhoto 09 that allows you to tag faces in a photo, and lets you call them by touching their faces on the screen. Of course the presenter points out that if you have too many faces in a photo, the boxes are gonna be too small to touch.

Samsung Beat DJ

Samsung has decided to replace the “Live Loud” brand of it’s music phones with a new “Beat” brand. The Beat DJ is their flagship Beat phone, also running on TouchWiz UI, ALSO lacking WiFi. The “DJ” feature on this phone seems to be just a novelty, but I’d like to point out that the touch area extends to the wheel at the bottom. Oh, and as much as we at Tech65 hate people who blast their music in the public, it appears that it is a trend nowadays, so we can’t blame Samsung for responding to this “beng” market by putting B&O speakers into their Beat phones. Urghh…

Now you can get out of awkward situations with the Samsung Ultra B

I thought this was the funniest thing I’ve seen built into a phone. This phone has a “fake call” feature that when activated by a shortcut, initiates a fake call. Wait, hold on, I got a call… “Hello? What? Little Johnny fell into the well?? I’ll be right over!! Sorry, gotta dash… Emergency…” According to the rep, you can even record a conversation so that it sounds like you actually have a real call! Oh, and when there’s a real call, the phone won’t ruin your cover by ringing. I know there are iPhone apps out there that do that, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this built right into a phone!

  • Haha, I love that fake call feature! 😛

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