65Bits Episode 106: Super Hybrid Engine Battery Conservation Technology


See? It’s a nice name right? I tried to convince Daniel but he wouldn’t be. Find out why you shouldn’t dismiss the new Atom chip as only .06GHz faster. Also, the G Phone will be arriving exclusively on Singapore’s sunny-island-set-in-the-sea shores, thanks to not-so-Sink-tel’s clout. What though of the G1’s dependency on telco-pushed updates? But first, a promising fancy NAS from Linksys®byCisco, LG’s new Prada offering with its economically dubious accessory, and 6 versions of Windows 7 as compared to 7 versions for Windows Vista.

What a wonderful world.

– Daniel, DK, Farinelli, NTT and Willy

Linksys Media Hub

[1:22]Media Hub from Linksys® by Cisco

[13:35]LG Prada II

[17:30]The New Atom N280

[25:10]Six editions of Windows 7.

[31:10]Change in Windows Mobile team, and schedule of future releases.

[36:15]SingTel and HTC Introduce the HTC Dream in Singapore

[39:55]Google Latitude

[45:50]Yesterday.sg makes a splash!

[48:05]BarCamp Singapore 3

[52:10]Byte of the Week: Google Calendar Offline – *Post Production Note* We found out that this is only avaliable for Google Calender avaliable through Google Apps. We applogise for the misinformation.

  • That’s why I need to ask mum to buy either the Samsung Series 7, 8 or 9 so that I can buy the Linksys media hub for her to use. LOL!

    And erm… barcampSG3 is not going to be a stay over event. Should be just ONE day for now unless there’s an overflow of speaking sessions. Not just for developers and hackers, its for everyone into online stuff too! And YES! Everyone’s welcome to share! Anyone want to teach how to do pole-dancing or salsa too?? =P

  • Maylynn

    Hey guys, thanks for coming by last Thursday! 🙂 Was great meeting you and glad you like the Media Hub!

    @claudia Am thinking of getting one too… another use for my PS3 🙂


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