Gear65 #6 - Intel Core i7 Rig

Today, we take a brief look at the Intel Core i7 rig that Intel sent to us to play, and totally geek out by admiring the insane parts that hold this monster together.

  • I have set my little eye on buying an i7 920 system in a year’s time, and overclocking it together with an aftermarket cooler.

    Is that an Intel stock cooler in there, despite the blue glow?

    And not to beat a dead internet meme, it can so run Crysis. 🙂

  • I’m not very sure, but the fan has an Intel sticker on it, so it might actually be a stock cooler!

    BTW, go check out this old channel65 episode of the launch of the Intel Core i7, and there’s a scene of this guy over-clocking the Core i7 to 5Ghz!

  • PJ

    ROFLMAO on that Crysis demo =P

    The 920 offers the best bang-for-buck Core i7 chip right now if you know how to overclock and stuffs…

    Yes, that’s the official stock cooler for i7(you can google many review sites to verify), gotta praise Intel on the part for making the cooler kinda “fanciful” visually(PS Don’t get cut by the exposed fan blades!).

    The DX58SO “Smack Over” motherboard supplied by Intel is one of the cheapest LGA1366 board on the market at the moment(cheapest being the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R)

    The Core i7 currently holds the record for 3dmark05 score @ 46644(Source:“).

    But like Daniel said, Core i7 is NOT for everybody, both in terms of computing power and price. *Envies Daniel for getting his hands on such a kicka** rig for review*

  • tcj

    its a pretty weak gaming rig, the only two parts that are good or high end is the 965 and ssd drive.

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