65bits Episode 102: Welcome back, Palm! It's been a long time...


It’s that time of the year again! CES + Macworld combo! It is therefore only appropriete for us that we should record the longest episode this week too! Have no fear!! Check out our shownotes, and use the time-stamps to listen to just the stories that you’re interested in! We’ve carefully picked only the best stories just for your listening pleasure.

The beginning of the year is an interesting one for the tech industry. First Apple surprises us (well, not really) by announcing minor products, while Microsoft over promises in their keynote by having their servers crash hours they released Windows 7’s public beta. And who would have guessed that the company that was going to steal all the thunder last week was going to be Palm? And interesting year, this is, indeed…

Daniel, NTT, DK, featuring our special guest, Willy Foo of LiveStudios.sg

P.S.: Apologies for the delay this week. Our producer fell ill, and was unable to produce this episode. Thanks for your patience!

Stories this week:

[02:05] Apple’s last keynote at Macworld 2009 (Keynote transcript | video)
– [02:35] iLife ’09
– [10:40] iWorks ’09
– [12:10] Updated 17 inch Macbook Pro with Unibody and integrated 8-hour battery
– [13:55] iTunes turns DRM free by end of 1st Quarter 2009

[16:55] Windows 7 Public Beta announced at CES09 Keynote
– [18:25] ZDNet compares Windows 7 with Vista and XP

[23:45] Sony reveals Vaio P “not-a-netbook” netbook

[34:20] Creative reveals what Zii is all about, turns out NTT was right after all

[38:45] Palm steals CES09 thunder with the Palm Pre and the Palm WebOS (Announcement transcript | Video)

[49:45] For more CES coverage, we recommend Engadget.com

[50:20] Byte of the week: Mozilla Prism (also mentioned is Fluid)


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