65Bits Episode 101: Silence... I Curse you!!!

It’s that time of the year again folks!!!.. When the press goes crazy, fanbois salivate, podcasts are published every 10s and the who’s who of the Tech world heads over to the west coast of the US for Macworld and CES! Preping your ears for the continuous live coverage from both locations that you’re gonna have to face, the Tech65 crew looks at what’s already announced, and what will be announced or showcased at the two trade shows this year. Oh and one more thing!! If you own one of them Symbian S60 handsets.. Be careful.. Be very very careful… There is a Curse… *shhhhh*.. It’ll silence your phone!

[2:15]’Curse of Silence’ exploit squelches inbound SMS/MMS to Nokia S60 devices

[8:40]IDA proposes shorter telco deals

[12:45]Meet the Ophone from Lenovo

[16:40]Macworld 2009 Preview

[24:45]CES 2009 Preview

[24:55]Palm to come up with a new OS, Palm Nova.

[27:50]Sony to launch a new Netbook, the Viao P series.

[32:10]Creative Zii

[40:20]Byte of The Week: Google Sites

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