Gear65 #2 - HTC Touch 3G + Motorola V9

It's the second episode of Gear65! This week, we talk about the HTC Touch 3G as well as the Motorola V9. Daniel is really excited that he finally gets to show off an HTC windows mobile phone, and explains why, while Nicole explains what's so cool about the Motorola V9.

From this week, new Gear65 episodes will be uploaded every Thursday. So now you get brand new content on Tech65 every 4 days!

  • I was just wondering, can you sync the HTC Touch to the Mac? I’d love to find a phone is compatible with the iCal on my Macbook.

  • Yea you can! You have to get a 3rd party app though. I use SyncMate, which has a free version (I’m using that) that lets you sync just your contacts and calendar. It’s good enough for your needs, isn’t it?

    Then of course there’s missing sync, which you have to pay at least US$40 for, but I heard it’s pretty good.

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  • Cesar Kastro

    Hows The Internet Service on the V9 … (Youtube, Messengers etc..)

  • @Cesar Kastro: The Internet surfing on the V9 is quite decent, rendering web pages quickly. Unfortunately, I did not try out the Youtube and Messenger service on the V9. The V9 displays text and multimedia beautifully, and I am sure it can support playing Youtube video.

    Do check out this review @

    Hope this helps 🙂


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