Gear65 #1 - Aura and Pixon

It's the first episode of our brand new show: Gear65! Every week, the crew comes together and shows off/talks about/rants about new gadgets in a completely unscripted, 65bits-style.

In this first episode, Daniel, Nicole and DK take a look at the so-expensive-if-you-had-to-ask-how-much-it-costs-you-probably-don't-wanna-know Motorola Aura, as well as Samsung's new Pixon, their latest addition to the 8-megapixel camera phone collection.

  • Johahn

    I see you guys have been having fun scratching the phone! ha ha…DK, told ya there’s nothing to worry about didn’t i! 🙂

  • PJ

    Wow i am gonna love this section so much, forget CNET, GSMARENA, MOBILE-REVIEW, ENGADGET, GIZMODO etc etc etc……………

  • Congrats on the 100th episode! Sorry I didn’t make it there though…

    Anyway I thought it’ll be great if the future episodes can be more polished rather than the impromptu-ish session. Like when Daniel asked how much space does the Pixon has, it’ll be better if the viewers can get the answer? ..and it’ll be livelier if there’s another camera capturing the people talking?

    Just my two cents! Cheers! =)

  • Thanks for the feedback and support Jayden!

    We’ve received a lot of constructive feedback during our first screening at our event yesterday and will be making changes in the way the show is being filmed. We have already filmed 4 episodes though, so look out for episode 5! 😛

    Thanks again Jayden!

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  • Hey guys,

    When you test future touchscreen phones, do keep up with reviewing the messaging function i.e. how easy / difficult it is to thumb smses etc.

    Not many reviewers do that so that would really help viewers to see how it works.

    Just like how you did for the Samsung phone.


  • Hey Shen, thanks for your feedback! We’ll take note of that!

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